God Speaks Three-Dimensionally Within You by Jeremy Lopez

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“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” (John 1:1-3 KJV) 

For as long as I can even remember, I’ve had a passion and a hunger for the voice of God.  You’re reading these words because, like me, you find yourself consumed with an inescapable hunger to hear His voice and to know His Presence.  When the Holy Spirit began to share with me the powerful revelation contained in my newest book How Does God Speak? The Three-Dimensional Ways, I found myself asking, “How does God speak?”  

It’s no secret that the voice of the Holy Spirit speaks to us in the still, small voice within; however, what I’ve come to realize within my own life and ministry is that God not only speaks to His Creation but that God is always speaking through His Creation also.   According to the Gospel of John, we find that in the very Beginning, long before anything else existed there existed the Word.  We find this proven in the account of Creation recorded in the Book of Genesis when, “God said.”  

Everything began with words and the ability to speak, and so it’s no exaggeration to say that long before time, as we know it ever even began, Heaven desired to communicate! So often I hear many seekers ask, “Jeremy, how can I be sure that I’m hearing the voice of God clearly for myself?”  

Well, that is the purpose of my newest book, How Does God Speak? The Three-Dimensional Ways, now available worldwide wherever books are sold.  Man-made religion has always had a deadly way of dulling and deafening the spiritual ears of believers, always causing us to question ourselves and our ability to hear God clearly.  

As the ancient church fathers shared centuries ago, though, “God has many ways of drawing us to Himself.”  And, with that truth, we are brought to a greater understanding that not only is the voice of God present within us but the voice of God is also very present all around us, as well!  What if you could begin to see that God has always attempted to get your attention, not only within you but also in the very real physical, very natural world all around you?  

Would such a revelation not only shift your perspective regarding prayer but also serve to remind you that you’ve never been without the voice of God?  God has never been separated from His wonderful Creation, contrary to what the lies of religion seem to suggest.  When the mind becomes renewed and when the “eyes of your understanding” become “enlightened,” as Paul said, not only will you be able to hear the voice of God much more clearly within your own life but you will also begin to see that the realm of Heaven is in existence all around you – even in the here and now!   

What are You Doing? 

Today, unfortunately, many sincere believers spend days, weeks, or even months or years waiting for countless confirmations and signs before ever truly taking the step of faith needed to claim the abundant life.  When the Word of the LORD came to the prophet in the still, small voice, the LORD asked a very real, all-important question:  “What are you doing?”  

My friend, as we end this year and prepare to step into a brand new year ahead, if you’re waiting for confirmation from the LORD, I need to ask, “What are you doing?” Whether you’ve ever realized it or not, you already know the course to take because, as the scriptures remind us, “The Word is nigh thee.”  It’s time to act on what you know!  The truth of the matter is that as believers, we’ve never been destined to simply hear the voice of God; we’ve been given a promise that we can actually know the voice of God.  

When you move from the place of mere believing to the realm of knowing, not only will you begin to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit much more clearly than ever before but you will also begin to see the voice of God in Creation all around you.  All of Creation will begin to come alive with the voice of God!  I want to encourage you to move from the place of doubt where the voice of God is concerned.  

Faith has never been a matter of just believing; it’s always been a matter of knowing!   As you come into the brand new year ahead, my prayer for you is that you would become consumed with the voice of God to the point that you have no choice but to act on what you hear!  Religion has always seemed to suggest that because of our humanity, we are somehow at odds with God.  Well, it just isn’t true.  

The Breathe of Life, which formed all Creation is now the same force which causes even me and you to move and to have our very own being.  Not only can you hear the voice of God; you actually do hear the voice of God.  Stop doubting your ability to hear.  Know that communion with Heaven is your divine birthright!   

Jeremy Lopez


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