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Dec, 31, 2019
‘Bent Tree’ Discovered in Israel: Proof of Isaiah’s Prophecy?
“The meaning of the word ‘fall/felled’ in this context is not that the leaves fall, since there is virtually no foliage in these Alon trees. But the implication is that the tree is uprooted from its roots, as a result of the winds such as the one in the picture.”
Democrats Go to Great Lengths to Blame Trump For Monsey Attack
Rather than take responsibility for the wave of anti-Semitism that has plagued the state he serves, Mayor Bill Deblasio doubled down on blaming the right-wing. In an interview with Fox News the day after the attack, the mayor claimed that President Trump was to blame
On Chanukah: 2,000-Year-Old Hasmonean ‘Messianic’ Coin Discovered in Shiloh
According to Stripling, the coin dates back to the late 2nd Temple period when Alexander Jannaeus ruled from 103 to 76 BCE
[WATCH] Gentile Guardian Angels Mobilize in NYC to Fight Antisemitic Attacks: ‘We’re Not Gonna Abandon the Jews’
Noting that everyone in his squad is a gentile, Silwa also predicts that the attacks will get more vicious and explains that the Jews are gonna have to learn to fight back
Top ‘Palestinian’ Official: Jesus is a ‘Muslim Martyr’, with 72 Virgins in Heaven
“This is blessed Christmas, The birthday of our Lord Jesus the Messiah, the first Palestinian and the first Shahid (Islamic Martyr).” Tawfiq Tirawi posted on Facebook
Thousands Protest Against Netanyahu Indictment in Tel Aviv
According to the demonstrators, the hearing is another instance of judicial overreach in which the courts adjudicate matters that are outside their purview
Tzefanya describes the result of Hashem’s judgment in triumphant terms. Having removed evil from the world, He will allow the remnant of Israel to live safely in its land…LEARN »
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