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Dec. 26, 2019
Israel’s Military Chief: We’re Going it Alone in War Against Iran
Kochavi also warned Israeli civilians to “mentally prepare” for heavy fire will be directed against our home front” saying “I’m looking people in the eye, and saying, there will be heavy fire
Jerusalem Archbishop who Claimed Jesus is ‘Palestinian’ now Says Israel Tried to ‘Assassinate’ him After Inhaling a bit of Tear Gas
Hanna said that “What happened could be an assassination attempt” and that Jesus came from ‘Palestine’
The Woman Who Sparked the Maccabeean Revolt that No One Talks About
What you might not have heard about the holiday is that there are Jewish traditions about how women contributed to the history of Chanukah
[WATCH] After Cancelling Plans to Annex Jordan Valley, Hamas Rocket Sends Netanyauhu to Bomb Shelter During Campaign Rally
While campaigning for reelection of his party (Likud), Prime Minister Netanyahu was forced into a bomb shelter after Hamas terrorists in Gaza launched rockets into the southern city of Ashkelon on Wednesday
Report: Five Killed in Second Strike this Week on Iran-Backed Militias in Syria
Eyewitnesses tell a civilian watchdog group that a facility belonging to Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah near the Syria-Iraq border was hit by drones • Three “foreign nationals” were reported killed in an alleged Israeli strike near Damascus on Monday
Egyptian Publisher Gets Five Years for Distributing Israeli Spy Novel
Khaled Lotfi has been on trial in a military court since 2018 for publishing an Arabic version of “The Angle: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel,” by Israeli author Uri Bar-Joseph
Yaakov did not bury his beloved wife Rachel in the family plot in Chevron, but rather in nearby Beit Lechem. Rashi explains that Rachel was intentionally buried there in Beit Lechem…
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