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Dec. 23, 2019
Anti-Semitic Somalia Hit by Series of Plagues of Biblical Proportions Locusts, the penultimate plague, finished up any shreds of food that remained in Egypt. In a similar manner, a plague of locusts, the worst in at least 25 years, descended on Somalia last week, destroying at least 175,000 acres of farmland READ MORE »

Sec. of State Pompeo Encourages All Americans: Visit Israel Where ‘Jesus Walked’ Pompeo also said that the EU was wrong regarding their interpretation of international law on Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria READ MORE »

Boris Johnson: Like Judah the Maccabee, It’s Important to be Proud to be Jewish [Watch] “Just as Judah and his small band of poorly equipped Maccabees said to Antiochus the third and his mighty Greek army all those years ago I am Jewish and I’m proud of it that’s really important” READ MORE »
[WATCH] Trump’s Israel Ambassador Lights Menorah with Netanyahu Near Temple Mount WATCH »

Saudi Journalist Claims Citizenship was Revoked Because of Support for Israel Al-Ghabin, who has written for Israeli newspapers and uses social media to praise Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, supports “direct and unconditional” ties with Israel, calling it “a strategic choice.” READ MORE »

Israeli Scientists Discover Existing Vaccine: A Potential Preventative Measure Against Alzheimer’s Jerusalem Researchers Re-Examined at 1960s Data to Make New Discovery about Alzheimer’s READ MORE »

PSALMS 43:3 The word for Tabernacle is Mishkan (משכן), from the Hebrew root ש-כ-נ, which means ‘to dwell.’ The Mishkan was erected in the desert as a temporary dwelling for Hashem…LEARN »

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