Kim Clement – Prophesied years before of this impeachment happening. But what else did the Lord say?

Dec. 17, 2019 Trey Smith

Kim Cement gave prophecy that Trump would face two impeachment charges, yet he further gave prophecy that Trump would NOT ultimately be “impeached” – meaning removed from office.

Further, Clement gave prophecy that the impeachment attempt would be of a “corrupt nature.” He noted also the major media such as CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, and others would fall for the impeachment out of a “hate trump” attitude. Nancy Pelosi has stated she doesn’t “hate trump” as well as Adam Schiff has made similar statements that he doesn’t “hate trump.”

However, the prophecy regarding this impeachment is EXTREMELY SPECIFIC that the parties bringing forth the charges have ill-intent. It is simple what the prophecies state.

The current time and date of this video upload is being done one day before the formal impeachment proceedings against trump in the house of representatives. It is important to release beforehand and this is also notably not the first prophecy to be released about Trump in advance. Kim Clement also gave the prophecy that Donald Trump would become president.

Trump: the COMING LANDSLIDE was the first video to prophecy the election of Trump. It was based entirely on the prophecies of Kim Clement:…

This video also contains prophecy predictions surrounding a variety of affiliated topics. Trey Smith Thank you for supporting God in a Nutshell And, God bless you.

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