Evangelical Leader: If Jesus Were on Earth Today, He Would be Banned from Bethlehem for Being Jewish

12-19-2019 CBN News Emily Jones

Christmas season is in full swing and people around the world are focusing on who Jesus is and why he was born.

While the Bible clearly states Jesus was a Jew living in Judea, some believe he was in fact Palestinian.

The Palestinian Authority held a Christmas celebration earlier this month in Birzeit, north of Ramallah, during which Jesus  was praised as a “Palestinian guerilla fighter.”

“Christmas is a Palestinian national holiday, and Jesus was a Palestinian guerrilla fighter, standing against injustice, calling on the citizens living in Birzeit to support their town,” PA Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh told attendees of the celebration. “Christians are the salt of the land and they must hold on to their land, and we are working together for freedom from the occupation and to end it.”

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, an evangelical leader and founder of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN), believes the idea that Jesus was Palestinian is not only wrong, but anti-Semitic.

“The narrative that Jesus was Palestinian is deeply rooted in a global anti-Semitic movement to rob Christians of their true Hebraic heritage and align the Church with radical terrorist groups that seek the annihilation of the Jewish State,” Cardoza-Moore said in a statement.

She says Christians who promote the idea that Jesus was Palestinian potentially make Jews vulnerable to violent attacks and terrorism

“By falsely demoting the Jewish people to religious insignificance and damnation, these irresponsible hate-preachers are putting Jews in danger. The fictitious notion that Jesus was a Palestinian is the illegitimate child of Palestinian terrorists and replacement theologians that could ultimately lead to violent attacks against Jews worldwide,” said Cardoza-Moore.

Instead, she believes if Jesus was alive today he would not even be allowed in the Palestinian territories.

“Large red signs can be seen on the entrances to Bethlehem declaring it as a no-go area for Israelis. If Jesus was alive today, he’d be labelled a Jewish Settler and barred from entering Bethlehem.”

PJTN is a non-profit organization that promotes Christian Zionism through media, events and dialogue between Christians and Jews.

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