It’s Official: Jerusalem is World’s Fastest Growing Tourist Destination

By David Sidman December 16, 2019

Hashem loves the gates of Tzion, more than all the dwellings of Yaakov. Psalms 87:2 (The Israel Bible™)

The sun sets over the Old City in Jerusalem. (Shutterstock)

Euromonitor International, a British business intelligence company ranked Jerusalem as the world’s fastest-growing tourist magnet in their latest survey of the world’s most popular tourist cities by destination.

Jerusalem climbed six spots in the rankings of a 2018 report ranking the Top 100 City Destinations in 2018 to 61st place, climbing 12% from 2017. Jerusalem is also projected to experience a 38% growth in 2019 to 4.8 million, according to Euromonitor’s International report.

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics on the other hand, projects 4.9 million overseas tourists to Israel in 2019, making this figure a potential overestimation.

Tel Aviv was listed in 79th place in 2018 with 2.8 million visitors, an 8% increase from 2017. The coastal city is projected to boast nearly 3 million visitors in 2019.

The top 6 most popular cities in 2019 are: Hong Kong (26.7 million tourists despite the mass unrest); Bangkok 25.8 million; Macau 20.6 million; Singapore 19.8 million; London 19.6 million; and with Paris 19.1 million.

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