The Horowitz Report, CrowdStrike, and the DOJ – Lance Wallnau

Dec. 16, 2019

Annabelle has been out of town for a few days and before she went, she told me that some boxes would be coming by. I asked her what for. She’s running a ministry in Fort Worth for poor kids and she’s been getting them winter coats, clothes and shoes. Then the kids’ moms they need Huggies diapers, things like that.

Now, check out the boxes and boxes of stuff that has been delivered for her to take to Fort Worth to give to these kids and moms. It’s the Wallnau Distribution Center!

On another topic, have you been tracking what’s going on in the news? The Horowitz report came out and there were 17 breaches – I’m talking lawyers in the DOJ falsified documents to spy on Trump. We also need to watch William Barr, he’s on this and he’s really shaking things up right now. There’s a lot to cover on the Intelligence community, CrowdStrike and the Department of Justice. ——-

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