Israel’s Unprecedented Political Challenges and External Threats

12-09-2019 CBN News Chris Mitchell

Pat Robertson interviews Yaakov Katz, Jerusalem Post Editor-In-Chief

JERUSALEM – Israel faces a unique time in its history. It currently faces unprecedented challenges within, while at the same time is surrounded by existential threats.

For the first time, Israelis may be heading to the polls for a third national election within a year. For months, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his chief political rival, former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz have been unable to form a coalition government.

Netanyahu also became Israel’s first sitting prime minister facing indictments in three separate cases while potential kingmaker Avigdor Lieberman seems unwilling to side with either the left or right to create a government.

Pat Robertson talks with the Editor-in-Chief of the Jerusalem Post, Yaakov Katz, about the challenges facing Israel on Tuesday’s The 700 Club.

Israel’s political paralysis comes during a time its main enemy, Iran, is on the move militarily. In September, it attacked Saudi Arabia’s main oil facility and according to reports is shipping ballistic missiles to Shiite militias inside Iraq.

In Syria, Iran has been working for years to establish a military infrastructure to threaten Israel’s Golan Heights. And on Israel’s northern border, Iran’s proxy Hezbollah has well over 100,000 rockets and missiles aimed at Israel.

The combination of internal political instability and external military threats puts Israel in one of the most dangerous times in its modern history.

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