Pope Advances One World Religion Agenda: Presents Buddhist Leader with Manifesto – Breaking Israel News

Pope Advances One World Religion Agenda: Presents Buddhist Leader with Manifesto
“The Pope wants to unify all religions and all governments under one world order,” Rabbi Assur said. “What is the big surprise? He is not hiding anything. Just listen to what he says and who he is and his plans are right there for all to see.” READ MORE »

Terrorist in Gaza Dies while Reportedly Preparing Rockets
Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers identified 3 terrorists who threw Molotov cocktail at Jewish vehicles near Hebron. The IDF forces responded by shooting at the terrorists, killing one READ MORE »

Norweigan Mayor Acts to Remove ‘Star of David’ Christmas Decoration
Strand mayor Irene Heng Lauvsnes urged the Klippen Pentecostal church, who lights up a large Star of David neon decoration in a municipal park where they hold their Christmas celebration, to redesign the decoration into a “traditional Christmas star.”READ MORE »
[WATCH] Heartbreaking: A 13-year-Old Girl Cries Outside Prison in Iran Where her Dad is Sentenced to Death for Converting to Christianity
A 13-year-old girl cries outside a prison in Iran where her dad is sentenced to death for converting to ChristianityWATCH »

Marital Rape and Domestic Violence is Normal among “Palestinians” Experts Say Ahead of this week’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, official P.A. television aired a frank discussion on the status of women in Palestinian society

First Summit of Eurasian Jewry convenes in Kyiv Delegates called to move Ukrainian Embassy in Israel to JerusalemREAD MORE »

GENESIS 23:19The names of many Israeli cities have profound significance. According to a Midrash quoted by the Ramban, the Hebrew name for Hebron, ‘Chevron’ (חברון), is a contraction of the word chaver… LEARN »
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