“His Lighthouse Shines Through the Lerners” – from the forthcoming book, “An Ahava Adventure”

Nov. 29, 2019 Chapter 20, Steve Martin

Relationships and connections given by the Lord take time to build. To be solidly joined for the work and purposes ahead, they don’t just happen overnight. Faith, trust, and love between each other grow as His plans become reality, and vision is slowly unfolded and revealed.

I have a 5” x 7” color photo in my home office for Love For His People ministry of just one small portion of the massive Grand Canyon in Arizona USA, mounted on a wooden plaque. It looks a bit worn out, which it is, because it is decades old, and has been with me for a while.

Hanging on my home office of Love For His People ministry.

The caption at the bottom of the photo reads, “God’s work takes time.” On the back I wrote, “Steve Martin 1977” I am not sure where I got it, but the truth portrayed brings encouragement as the years go by.

How appropriate that is with our good friends, Nissim and Hadassah Lerner, whom Laurie and I have now known since 2010. Friendships having a good foundation laid prepare those for the future labors the Lord bonds to accomplish. Thus, it is so with us.

Facebook social media typically helps keep family and friends up to date on events, special occasions, photos, and the latest news. But occasionally you “friend” ones who years later do become friends. Not just a “like” now and then, or a “comment” voicing one’s opinion, but true friends.

So, it has been with Nissim and Hadassah Lerner, along with several members of their family, just 5 miles north of Jerusalem in the Jewish town of Givat Ze’ev. And I am thankful to Pam and David King in Virginia for helping us make this important connection over 9 years ago.

Pam knew, again through Facebook, that my son Ben and I were traveling to Israel in the fall of 2010 and encouraged us to meet Hadassah Lerner and her husband Nissim, who had made aliyah from Virginia several years earlier. I. of course, was rather cautious at first, connecting with someone that someone else has told me about, in a foreign country, even if they were in Israel, is not so easy. But I like an adventure and knew our times were in the Lord’s hands.

The Lerners gather together in Israel 2017

Without remembering all the details, we met the Lerners. Maybe even some of their 4 of 5 children who also had moved to the same town north of Jerusalem, along with at least 10 grandchildren (8 at the time were of their only daughter Sarah’s family). As with most new relationships, it began slow at first, as you somewhat share with each other things on a surface level. But the next 10 years, in the annual times we have gotten together in Israel, along with weekly communications, expands and grows the friendship. The Lord continues to connect Jews and Gentiles, as One New Man.

As the years went by, we had many occasions of staying in their home too. Along with Laurie two times, or by myself on some years, we spent days and nights in their most hospitable home. Nissim’s meals have always been wonderful, and Hadassah’s “tour guide” travels many times into Jerusalem took us to places we had never been before. We have been most grateful!

Moving the timetable up 10 years to this last 2019 October trip, our time with Nissim and Hadassah had top priority on our calendar, so the four of us could have a home-cooked Israeli meal and quality fellowship hours with them in their home. The 2nd day of Rosh Hashanah worked out well for all of us.

Lathan gets excited when sharing his recent adventure of the flat tire episode.
(Previous chapter!)
Around the table (L-R) Greg Partipilo, Tim Lerner, Hadassah Lerner, Julie Stahl, Lathan Wood, David Lauka, Nissim Lerner.

Empty chair: Steve Martin taking the photo.)

Again, being one of the main goals of these Ahava Adventures is to introduce my American friends to our Israeli friends, we continually get to know more of each other, so we can let the flow of the Holy Spirit reveal His wonderful work that lies ahead of us. H has much in store for us and others that have and are yet to join in. He indeed has a master plan that He is outworking in our midst.

Their 40-year old son Tim, having a grand story of himself and his China connection, joined us for the afternoon, along with Julie Stahl, the Jerusalem CBN News correspondent, who works alongside CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell and staff.

And I must not forget Molly, their Golden Retriever, who loves all company and greets you at the top of the outside cement steps leading up to their two-story home. She just has to sniff you out to be sure you are friend and not foe.

Hadassah and Nissim now have a long history of having olim, those making aliyah to the Land, live with them as the long process unfolds with the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration (Ministry of Immigration and Absorption before 2017). We have met several of them, from China, the USA, and Europe. Each one had been given free room and board in the Lerner home for many months at a time. One young woman was most recently with them for a time, along with her newborn son Boaz.

In 2018 the Lerners began His Lighthouse, Inc. in order to lay future preparation for receiving and housing the “tsunami wave of new immigrants coming” as the aliyah from worldwide countries speeds up. Their vision from the Lord includes land, housing, and having days of provision in place for these. We have wholeheartedly given our support in this new mission, as we have these many years already.

Prior to sitting down at the 8-seat table (they always have room for many more, with their large family often gathering), Greg, Lathan, and David grilled Tim on his Israel knowledge of the Land, government, and current events, being an official registered tour guide, primarily for the many Mandarin-speaking Chinese tourists. Even on our way back to our lodging that night they were discussing the vast amount of information he had given them in answers to their many questions.

Molly joins in on the conversation.

And of course, Lathan just had to re-tell the “flat tire on Shabbat in northern Israel” story, which I mentioned before in an earlier chapter, once we all sat down for the holiday meal. Only Lathan can tell it as he did. I only wish I had recorded it for another “Walk With Me” episode! Maybe on his next trip, another memorable day as such will occur, but then again, maybe that wouldn’t be so great.

Hadassah, Julie, Lathan…

As friendships and connections increase between us, we know the Lord is letting His light shine, through the Lerners and others whom we will meet on these ahava days yet ahead.

Let thanksgiving and love for His people increase daily in our hearts, as we press on in faith, hope and eternal love.

Laurie and I with Nissim and Hadassah in May 2019 in Jerusalem

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