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New Documentary Explores Satanist/Idolatrous Roots of Pro-Abortion Movement [WATCH] The film notes the religious roots of the anti-abortion movement and then illustrates the corresponding “religious” basis of the pro-abortion movement in Satanism

Sanders Blames White Supremacists for Black People Attacking Jews Even left-wing NYT columnist Bari Weiss admitted to NPR that the attacks in New York didn’t come from White Supremacists

Israel Strikes Hamas Targets After 2 Rockets Fired at Beersheba Both rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome • IDF: “Hamas will bear the consequences for attacks on Israeli civilians”

US, Israeli firefighters Work Side by Side as Rockets Fall American volunteer firefighters in Israel due to weather concerns responded to as many as 10 emergency calls a day as Gaza-based terror groups fired hundreds of rockets at the Jewish state

Meet the Female Lone Soldiers Defending Israel

Blessing Trump as King Shows He is the Final President Before the Return of Davidic Dynasty

Counter-Terrorism 101 By Eyal Zisser
While Abu al-Ata’s elimination triggered a serious flare-up on the Israel-Gaza border, the decisions on its extent and duration fall to Hamas—Gaza’s rulers—who have so far remained mum

Israel Seeks to Prevent Further Escalation on Second Day of Conflict with Islamic  JihadBy Yaakov Lappin
As Israel sought to contain the escalation, a fragile situation emerged that could easily and dramatically change due to any significant civilian casualty on either side.

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