“Don’t Grow Weary in Doing Good” – Think About It. Again. by Steve Martin

Nov. 18, 2019

Greetings Love For His People friends.

Almost 6 years in Jan. 2014 I wrote the following Now Think On This message. It was after the holiday season, and I could imagine that people were experiencing some disappointment in not having seen their expectations met, weariness in doing good, or just plain tired from “running to and fro”. Even watching some of the political battles wears us out these days, as it seems to never end.

Being this is November 2019, just before major holidays, you may already be stressed out in what has to be done to make everyone happy, or so you think it is your job to make happen.

I encourage you to re-read the following “Don’t Grow Weary in Doing Good” or read it for the first time. I trust it will help you see what the Lord sees in it all.

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Ahava and shalom,

Steve Martin, Founder/President

Love For His People ministry

Don’t Grow Weary in Doing Good

“So let us not grow weary of doing what is good; for if we don’t give up, we will in due time reap the harvest.” (Gal. 6:9 Complete Jewish Bible)

“So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit.” (Gal. 6:9-10 The Message)

Everyone gets tired. We get weary of doing good things. Often then we end up just complaining about our situations.

I was doing that on the way home from work. The day had been a bit draining, preparing the usual accounting reports month after month. My heart just wasn’t in it. I had been expecting to be at another position in my life, rather than to be doing what I had done 30 years ago. I know the Lord has His plan and purpose for me being there, in the marketplace setting, but sometimes I just don’t get the reasoning behind it. From my perspective, I could be more effective for His kingdom doing other things, in another place. That which I really had hoped to be doing by now. I have to remind myself that He is wise, and knows what He is doing. I must rest in that.

But while driving the usual 45-minute commute home from the uptown office, in the normal heavy traffic, I started complaining in my head of the good deeds I had done, involving several people, and yet hadn’t seen much harvest from those seeds sown. Having had some farming life experience while growing up in Minnesota and Iowa, I understood the comparison in the natural – of preparing the ground, sowing the seed, and waiting months before the harvest is ready. I get that. But I was just getting a bit tired in waiting for my harvest to come, in the spiritual, after years of sowing and not seeing the expected abundance of fruit.

After sending off another complaint heavenward, the Lord responded back to me, “Look what I did for you.” I knew exactly what He meant. His life laid down, His death on the cross, and the example He had set for me to follow. I stopped my complaining immediately.

We all get worn out at times. It is the time when we are most vulnerable to the lies of the enemy; our own flesh kicking up or allowing the stress of the day weigh our souls down, in our mind, will and emotions. One reason why the Lord established a weekly day of rest and giving to us in our sleep, as the Word says.

To battle back the weariness, so we can maintain our giving, we need to allow the Lord to give us rest. In America, there is no longer a set day when there is no shopping or work. We can see the results in sickness and stress. This has not been the expected decrease in either, due to our new time management. And as we have gone against the wisdom of the Lord, we have reaped the long-term results.

Many times, the distractions that deter us will rob us of the more important tasks we are called to do. Constantly saying yes to everything that comes our way begins to take its toll, leaving us with little or nothing to give for the more important relationships and events in our lives.

In our desire to bless, we must also keep in mind that proper care of our spirit, soul and body will then permit us to do more. The complaining doesn’t work. The Lord turns His ear away from us. Remember Moses and the Hebrews in the wilderness?

Being in His presence in prayer and reading of His Word on a regular basis will energize our spirit. We need to keep ready in all seasons and not grow weary. We have a lot of life to give, as His Holy Spirit works through us.

Now think on this,

Steve Martin

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