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Wednesday, October 30, 2019    
 Prophetic Deliverance Minister Exposes the Dark Spirits Behind Halloween

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Halloween is only a day away. Many of you remember celebrating Halloween as children and have fond memories of dressing up and going door to door asking for candy. But what is Halloween really about? Should Christians be celebrating this pagan holiday?

Prophetic deliverance minister Kathy DeGraw recently offered some compelling insights on this very topic on my “Strang Report” podcast. DeGraw just released a fascinating e-book called Why Christians Shouldn’t Celebrate Halloween. It contains nine complete teachings about the truth behind Halloween—and it’s not all fun and games as some would think.

It’s interesting that few know the history of Halloween. The word “Halloween” actually comes from the phrase “all-hallowed evening” because it occurs the night before All Saints’ Day in the Roman Catholic Church, which takes place on Nov. 1.

Before it was associated with All Saints’ Day, though, Halloween came from a Celtic holiday called Samhain. During this time, people would light bonfires to ward off spirits and dress up in costumes. People believed that the veil dividing the natural world from the spiritual world was at its thinnest on that night and, as a result, participated in pagan practices.

Of course, the holiday has shifted culturally so that now it’s seen primarily as a fun time to dress up and go trick-or-treating. But not everyone who celebrates Halloween does it in a benign way. DeGraw says many witches, warlocks and neo-Pagans view Halloween as a high holy day:

“What they want to accomplish is they want to wreak havoc on our lives. In John 10:10, it says the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. So they are co-laboring to come and steal, kill and destroy. What we have to look at is they are being dedicated for 30 days, for the entire month of October, to … read more 

The Dark Spirits Behind Halloween Exposed With Kathy DeGraw
14 Minutes – October 29th 2019
What is Halloween really about and should Christians participate? Listen as prophetic deliverance minister Kathy DeGraw shares insight on the subject and how it gives the devil a legal right in the spiritual realm when you celebrate. Learn where you can get Kathy’s ebook “Why Christians Shouldn’t Celebrate Halloween.”Listen Now
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