Breitbart’s Jerome Hudson Reveals the Shocking Facts the News Media Doesn’t Want You to Know

09-23-2019CBN News

ABOVE: Pat Robertson talks with Jerome Hudson about his new book, 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know, on Tuesday’s 700 Club. 

It’s no secret that the establishment news media shapes how people think about important issues. But it may shock you to learn the depth of control the media has over what ordinary Americans believe is true about everything from immigration to the impact on plastic straws on the environment.

Jerome Hudson is the entertainment editor for He’s also a political conservative who has plenty to say about the hypocrisy he sees in Hollywood. 

“Hollywood lectures us about our carbon footprint while they fly around the world in carbon-spewing private jets,” he said in a speech at a “Blexit”  movement gathering hosted by Candace Owens.

Now Hudson is taking aim at the news media in a new book, 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know.

Hudson revealed that the election inspired him to write the book.

Facts the News Media Won’t Tell You

In it, he reveals facts that have remained hidden to many Americans by the media, like the fact that President Obama deported more people than any other president. Or that America protects and foots the bill for border walls around the world. Or the little-understood impact of Google, which Hudson says could swing an election by secretly adjusting its search algorithm and we would have no way of knowing. And the shocking truth that illegal immigration may have cost black Americans more than one million jobs…. and much more.

“Six in ten Americans don’t trust that the media is reporting the whole story and giving them all the facts. Seventy percent of Americans say that they don’t believe politicians are giving them all of the facts as well. In many ways, this book is a collection of those facts.” 

In his book, Hudson disagrees with what he calls the defective reasoning coming from liberals who encourage additional funding to the poor. He says that won’t actually result in less crime being committed and better educational performances.

“I write about affirmative action and it has been an unmitigated disaster for about 40 years. It turns out that fixing the problem of minorities not being admitted to college campuses has actually failed. There are now fewer black and Hispanic students on the top college campus in America since before affirmative action was implemented.”

African American Accomplishments Before the Civil Rights Era

Hudson reveals that African Americans were setting standards and accomplishing magnificent feats long before the Civil Rights movement.

“In the book, I dive deeply and celebrate all of the many educational accomplishments that blacks have made in this country. About 30 years after blacks were freed after the Civil War, literacy rates for blacks in America went from 20 percent to 70 percent and black students were graduating from Ivy League schools like Harvard as early as 1903. Fifty years before the civil rights movement began, blacks in this country were achieving magnificent educational achievements.”

“It’s something that we have to get back to. In many ways, it’s not a political solution that we have to seek. The standard has to be high. We have to figure out a way for families to come together and education really starts in the home.”

Hudson contends that America doesn’t need affirmative action. 

“Affirmative action isn’t racism, but it certainly feels like racism. In the book, I make the point that we have to be either an America that sets one standard for people based on the color of their skin or a country that holds one standard for everyone under the law. What affirmative action does is set a different standard for people just based on the accident of their birth. And that in many ways isn’t fair.”

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