“Upcoming trip to Israel, 25th book” – prophecy, Mordecai Porter shares prophetic word to Steve Martin

Sept. 24, 2019 Fort Mill, SC Love For His People ministry in Charlotte, NC

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“Upcoming trip to Israel, 25th book” – prophecy, Mordecai Porter shares a prophetic word to Steve Martin (Founder – Love For His People ministry)

Spoken Aug. 11, 2019 – Antioch International Church in Fort Mill, SC

“Israel, Pastor at Antioch, mentor”

Prophetic word – Mordecai (Maynard) Porter to Steve Martin

Mordecai (Maynard) Porter speaks prophetic word
Aug. 11, 2019

Aug. 11, 2019

Antioch International Church, Fort Mill, SC

“When I opened your book (Be Encouraged”, published July 2019) you showed me you had wrote 22 books. The Lord said the 25th book would be the book that is going to surprise people. It will be more about Israel than it is now.

This trip to Israel (Sept. 24 – Oct. 4, 2019) will be different than any other time. Your eyes will be opened even wider than they have been before. Signs and wonders will be coming, and they will be coming to you, and other people that are surrounding you. Expect things to happen, but don’t expect things to happen the way you got it planned. You have plans but I have My plans. Just obtain what you hear from Me. The ones that are with you will hear a contradiction of different things. I will speak to you loud and clear. Make sure the directions I send you are where you are supposed to go.

This is a new trip for you, but as many times as you come back that your eyes will be opened and your eyes will be opened more.

I hear the number 12. That you are going to help 12 different people make aliyah. You will have 12 individuals that you will be involved in for that to happen.

Also, some of the other people who are going with you their eyes are going to be opened about Israel in a different way.

This is a new season for you and for the other ones. In this church, things are going to happen, but repentance has to come first. Words were spoken last week about walls were falling down. They were falling down but there are individuals in this church who do not believe the way the church is going. They need to be spoken to. I will point some things out to you about different people that you can pray for them. Not go to them, but you will be able to pray for them, so their eyes will be open by what the pastor is trying to do.

All things that happen in this church people don’t agree with the pastor. “He has his own agenda.” But his agenda is mine. It is Mine and it always has been Mine. He does what I ask hm to do no matter what.

Remember one thing. I have opened the door for you to go to Israel more times than you can even imagine. On your next trip you will invite someone who will go. They won’t have enough money to go but whatever they have they are going to give to you and you are going to support the rest of it.

Before you go to Israel there will be more words spoken over you and spoken over the people that are going with you. You are a guide in one way, but you are a mentor in another. You are a mentor to the one standing in front of you. You have spoken a lot into his life and he really trusted you, so speak into his life no matter what is right or wrong. Speak into his life because he needs someone right now.” Mordecai Porter

Just remember I have chosen you. You. Not only anybody else but you to do certain tasks. No one can do this task no matter what they say.

This is from the Lord. The prophet standing in front of you has been praying for you for a long while. He’s just decided to now to speak to you to release to you what he has to say.

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Karen Channel, Prayer Coordinator at Antioch Internationa Church in Fort Mill, SCSept. 24, 2019 8:05 am

From Armando Perdomo:   Praying for David, Greg and Steve in their trip to Israel. It is our prayer, that the purposes of God will be fulfilled in their trip, expanding and establishing  the Kingdom in the state of Israel and beyond. HALLELUYAH!     

Praising God for all what He is doing through you all.Father we lift all these mighty men of God, your servants to Your Throne of Grace.   We decree NO weapon formed against them will prosper in Jesus’ Name!  We decree they will accomplish all that you have called them to do in Israel.  We pray for divine appointments.  Father Your Word says in Isaiah 52:7 How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring the Good News, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God Reigns”  Father we give You all the Glory, Honor and Praise in Jesus’ Name!

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