“If Only I Had the Time” – Now Think On This by Steve Martin

“Listen, my son, receive what I say, and the years of your life will be many. I’m directing you on the way of wisdom, guiding you in paths of uprightness; when you walk, your step won’t be hindered; and if you run, you won’t stumble. Hold fast to discipline, don’t let it go; guard it, for it is your life.” Proverbs 4:10-13, Complete Jewish Bible

My senior year high school religion teacher, who was a Roman Catholic priest in his late 30’s at Columbus High School in Waterloo, Iowa in 1973, spoke to the class about time, and the importance of managing time in our young lives. It caught my ear because he said something which surprised me, coming honestly from him, but which I have never forgotten. He kept the girls listening because he was, well, quite handsome and “cool”. Catholic religion class wasn’t always interesting, but this priest at least kept the attention of his class, and we all liked him, though with different perspectives.

Columbus High School in Waterloo, Iowa

In his lesson that day he described the one who would be successful in life, the one who would impact the world with something more than a “doing it to get through it” mentality that too many had and continue to rest on. Being he didn’t have a wife to care for, kids to raise, or a house that he personally had to maintain, I could understand that his concept of how we spend our time may have been a bit unrelatable to the average Joe, or Mike as the most popular guy in class was so named that year. But what he said made sense to me.

Again, to this day, I have retained it, and still consider its truth.

“The one who never seems to have enough time to complete all that the day is wanting and demanding to have done is the one who will be successful in life.”

Have the time?

It is one of those things that when you hear it, it may just come into one ear and head out the other (Catch that pun? Head.) but then later, when you actually stop and think about it, you wonder what it really meant, or you realize, “Yes, that is true, and maybe I best consider applying it to my life.” As a 17 or 18-year-old in their final year of school, just wanting to get out and get on, you don’t always catch everything you should. But later in life, as understanding, clarity, and wisdom grow, it makes more sense. You get it.

Those times in life when life just happens, when one allows time to pass without giving it much thought, because much thought hasn’t been given to it, years simply come and go. And then one day you look back and realize, what did I do with my life? With my time?

When I started writing this message, I thought the Holy Spirit was going to direct me in trying to encourage people to have more discipline in their daily lives – to actually take time each day to pray, to read the Bible, to give the Lord some time in the 24 hours He gives to each one of us.

Yes, we all are given 24 hours a day.

Are you pursuing that which won’t last after the day is done? Are you considering that not only will we have to give an account before the righteous Judge of everything we say or don’t say, but also everything we do or don’t do?

Are you wasting time, like the one man in Jesus’ parable who went and buried his talent, out of fear, while also not wanting to take any “risks”, or walk in faith because he considered it “safer” not to?

What we do with our time will not only determine what happens in this lifetime each of us has been given, but how we are using our time is already determining how we will spend the next time we will be given – in heaven or hell.

If only I had the time. Think about it a bit longer.

And yet we already do, so I encourage you not to waste it. Find that which the Lord has called you to do, what He has already entrusted within your spirit and soul, gifted you with the talents, experience, and skills you have, and get on doing it.

Not because Nike says to, but because God, our Creator, the One Who knows all and has planned all for you and me – has instructed us to do so.

Use what time you have in order to do the utmost that you can. Don’t waste your time. Don’t settle for the mundane. Spend it doing that which will impact more than just your own small world you may have allowed to exist around you.

There is a real big one out there, world that is, which desperately needs you, and what you have been given for their sake, and His, must be shared with them.

Now think on this and see what good things the Lord has in store for you and those around you.

Ahava and shalom,

Steve Martin


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Now Think On This #458 – in the year of our Lord 09.18.19 – “If Only I Had the Time” – Wednesday, 4:07 am

Steve Martin

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