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For most of history, since the time of the early church, Messianic Jews appear to have been few and far between. Those who did believe in Jesus would usually just blend into the church and become invisible as Jews. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, Jewish believers became visible once again, but it was only in the last century that the numbers really started to really take off.

Why have so few Jewish people come to faith until so recently? And why are they suddenly coming into the kingdom now? We are privileged to be witnessing (and instrumental in) the convergence of technology making the gospel more accessible than ever, together with a move of God in our days.Dr. Erez Soref, President of ONE FOR ISRAEL 

A Short History of Messianic Judaism

Ever since the first friends of Yeshua, there has always been a remnant of Jewish people who believed in him, even though for most of history they would simply assimilate into Christian churches and become invisible as Jews. Today, things for Messianic Jewish believers are very different, but it was once assumed that one had to choose between being either Jewish or Christian, and many left their Jewish identity at the threshold when they came to church.

At the same time, Christians didn’t have access to the Bible for most of church history, but depended on priests to teach them – often in Latin. But all that changed after the Reformation and development of the printing press around the sixteenth century, as more Christians were able to read the Bible for themselves. They could finally search the Scriptures and see that God was certainly not finished with the people of Israel. This led to a more determined effort to reach the Jewish people with the gospel in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and expectations of Israel’s regathering grew. Read article

We get messages all the time from Israelis who have been watching our videos, and want to know more. Recently, a girl got in touch to tell us that she was raised as a religious Jew in the synagogue, but became disillusioned after seeing some serious abuses and hypocrisy. She lost faith in God completely and became an atheist, but then she came across our videos about the difference between rabbinic Judaism and the Bible. She came to see that Jesus was indeed the promised Messiah, and told us, “Thanks to your videos, today I call myself a Messianic Jew!” Praise God for this girl’s new faith, and many others who are making the discovery of what the Jewish Scriptures are really about – and the Messiah at the center of it all.

More about what we do and how

WE MADE IT TO 100!!!
We have now made 100 English language testimonies of Jewish people who have found their Messiah! We want to start translating them into Hebrew, so that Israelis can benefit from these stories too.

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