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The Rabbi Who Saw the Future

It wasn’t always so obvious that Christians would one day help restore Israel, but one rabbi knew long before it happened.

Netanyahu’s Annexation Plan: Trick or Treat? If he’s reelected next week, Netanyahu is poised to finally do something most Israelis agreed to decades ago.

Star of David: Demonic or Divine? It today symbolizes not only Judaism, but everything to do with the State of Israel. But where’d it come from?

Available Dates Of Our Apartment In The Heart Of Jerusalem! Are you planning a trip to Israel and are looking for a budget stay in Jerusalem?

Where Peacemaking is for the Weak Israeli leaders have been criticized for bringing Western notions of peacemaking to a Middle East fistfight

The Spy Netflix manages to present a spy thriller a cut above the rest in its portrayal of Israel’s greatest operative

The Dangers of a Value-Based Democracy No one denies the need for upstanding leadership, but moral arguments are being hijacked to threaten true democracy

Major Company Partners with Israeli Messianic Aid Efforts No longer do government bodies and major corporations in Israel shy away from collaborating with Messianic Jews

ANALYSIS: Israel Now Fighting Iran on Four Fronts Israel wants the international community to keep its enemies at bay, but is ready to act decisively if needed
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