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 Trump admin: Hospitals can’t force employees to assist with abortions
The Trump administration’s Office of Civil Rights within the Department of Health and Human Services announced that it is sending a Notice of Violation letter to the University of Vermont Medical Center (UVMMC), a hospital which received $1.6M in federal funds over three years, for forcing objecting employees to assist with elective abortions against their will. Read more 

MORE PRO-LIFE NEWS  Adorable: Newborn baby smiles at Dad when she recognizes his voice In an adorable picture being shared across social media, a newborn baby girl was captured smiling at her father while lying on her mother’s chest. What makes this picture so touching, is that baby Antonella smiled the moment she heard her father’s voice, which she recognized from hearing it when she was in the womb. 
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HORRIBLE: Woman gives birth in Denver jail cell alone as she screams for help A woman is suing a Denver prison after she was left alone in her jail cell as she gave birth. Diana Sanchez was given no medical treatment, even though she had told guards she was having contractions and her water had broken. Read more 

Facebook labels Live Action ‘false news’ after two abortionists publish erroneous ‘fact check’ Facebook began notifying users who had posted certain Live Action content that an allegedly “independent fact-checker” had rated one of Live Action’s claims as false — specifically, the claim that “abortion is never medically necessary.” Read more 

Meet the two Facebook ‘fact-checker’ abortionists targeting Live Action and Lila Rose Abortion is big business for Facebook’s “independent fact-checkers” and for the fact-checkers’ financial backers — despite claims of impartiality. Last week, Facebook relied on the word of two abortionists to target Live Action and Lila Rose’s pages over the statement “abortion is never medically necessary.” Read more 

Final decision: Abortionist fined over $10,000 for committing abortion on wrong woman The Florida Board of Medicine issued a final order for an abortionist who committed a surgical abortion on the wrong woman in December 2017. In the settlement agreement, Harvey Craig Roth of A Women’s Center of Hollywood in Hollywood, Florida will pay a fine of $10,000 in addition to other stipulations. Read more 

‘She started screaming’: Abortion ‘doulas’ describe woman’s traumatic forced abortion In their book The Doulas: Radical Care for Pregnant People, pro-abortion activists Mary Mahoney and Lauren Mitchell told the story of one woman’s extremely painful and traumatic abortion. Read more 

13 Reasons Why’ moves from promoting teen suicide to promoting teen abortion The Netflix drama “13 Reasons Why” has been the center of controversy since its very first season. The original plotline was criticized for glamorizing teen suicide, creating massive scandal, but the showrunners seem to have taken that as a challenge. They’ve since moved on to graphic depictions of rape, and, in the most recent season, an episode features a teenage girl having an abortion. Read more 

Preemie acts as mom’s bridal bouquet during wedding in hospital chapel Amanda Acevedo had been planning her perfect June beach-side wedding for months. But when she went into pre-term labor with her son Oliver at 30 weeks, she knew those plans were going to change. Read more 

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