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Friday, September 6, 2019 The Strang Report    
 Exclusive: Benny Hinn Explains Why He’s Speaking Out Against Extreme Prosperity Teaching

Benny Hinn (Facebook/Benny Hinn Ministries) Benny Hinn says his heart is changing. Benny, who is now 67 years old, has been a popular televangelist for many years, and for most of his ministry, he’s been well-known for his teaching on prosperity. But now Benny is blatantly rejecting the extreme prosperity gospel, even calling it an “offense to the Holy Spirit.”

Last year, Benny stirred up controversy in the Pentecostal community by announcing that his understanding of biblical prosperity was beginning to change. Charisma even published an article in the August 2018 issue about how Benny’s views were starting to morph.

But now, Benny isn’t holding back. Yesterday, Charisma News reported that he preached on Monday about the dangers of the extreme prosperity gospel, saying it made him “sick to [his] stomach.”

“I believe it’s an offense to the Lord, it’s an offense to say, ‘Give $1,000,'” he says in a video posted Sept. 3. “I think it’s an offense to the Holy Spirit to put a price on the gospel. I’m done with it. I will never again ask you to give $1,000 or whatever amount, because I believe the Holy Ghost is just fed up with it.”

I’ve known Benny for many years. Our friendship reaches back to before I founded Charisma magazine in 1975, and I was even in his wedding. So he was gracious enough to join me on my “Strang Report” podcast to discuss his changing views on the prosperity gospel and why he’s deciding to come out strongly against it now.

Benny tells me he wants to make one thing clear: He is not changing his views on prosperity because of his critics. As a controversial evangelist, Benny has had plenty of critics over the years, including his own nephew, who … read more 

Benny Hinn Explains Why He Is Changing His Beliefs on the Prosperity Gospel25 Minutes – September 6th 2019Benny Hinn released a video this week explaining why he no longer believes what he previously preached about the prosperity gospel. Listen as Hinn shares with host Stephen Strang about how we need to turn the focus back to loving Jesus, the people’s needs and to protect the people from the abusers of the gospel. Listen Now
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