Netanyahu’s Makes Pilgrimage to Hebron: A Precursor to Reestablishing Davidic Dynasty in Jerusalem

Breaking Israel News Sept. 4, 2019
Netanyahu’s Makes Pilgrimage to Hebron:
A Precursor to Reestablishing Davidic Dynasty in Jerusalem
“King David arrived in Hebron had only two tribes with him. He had what we would call today a very narrow coalition. Yet because he was connected to our deep roots in Hebron, he was able to establish his dynasty in Jerusalem

Mosaic Showing Bread, Fish Unearthed in Ancient Church Overlooking Sea of GalileemHaifa Archeologists discover Baskets of bread and fish depicted in well-preserved  mosaic in Sussita near the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

After Iranian Agents Nearly Blow Up Paris, Macron Offers the Regime $15B in Protection Money Two months after it was revealed that Iranian diplomats were caught with half-ton of explosives in Paris, France offers the regime $15B to remain in the nuclear deal

Lebanese Politician Admits: Hezbollah Really Rules Lebanon
Israeli Firefighters Go to Brazil to Save Amazon Israeli firefighting aid to Brazil: Israel to dispatch a firefighting delegation to assist Brazilian authorities with the fires in the Amazon

Ex-Israeli Intel Chief Reveals how PA Uses ‘Peace’ Agreements to Advance Jihad About 15-20 minutes later, they got intel that Arafat had used the convoy to smuggle 4 arch terrorists into Gaza from Egypt

DEUTERONOMY 8:1The Kli Yakar notes that in Hebrew this verse starts in the singular, “all the Instruction that I enjoin upon you today,” but finishes in the plural, “that you may thrive and increase and be able to possess the land that Hashem promised on oath to your fathers”…
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