‘Overcomer’ Actor Cameron Arnett ‘Lost Everything’ When He Chose God, Rejected Hollywood Nudity

08-2019 CBN News Andrea Morris
In ‘Overcomer’, Cameron Arnett plays the role of a blind man who found Christ in the midst of pain and chaos. (Image source: Overcomer)

In ‘Overcomer’, Cameron Arnett plays the role of a blind man who found Christ in the midst of pain and chaos. (Image source: Overcomer)

Actor Cameron Arnett reveals that he ‘lost everything’ when he chose to honor God and maintain his religious beliefs. 
At one time, Arnett’s acting career was flourishing in Hollywood. During the 1980’s and 90’s he had roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Miami Vice. “I was in California and things were going well. And I thought that was going to be my path,” Arnett told Christian Headlines

But then he auditioned for a new role and was offered the part. At that time, Arnett was told that he would have to perform a partial nudity scene.

Arnett expressed his concern over the performance. Then he was given the option of a body double, but he still didn’t feel right about it. Related

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He sensed God telling him, “People are going to think it’s still you. So I said, I can’t do it. And I lost everything. The agency dropped me. And so it kind of like put a halt on everything. And I felt God tap me on the shoulder and say, ‘You know, it’s time to get out of the system.'” 

Despite the loss of friends and a bout with bankruptcy, Arnett has stayed true to his faith.   

In his recent role in the faith-based film ‘Overcomer’, Arnett plays Thomas Hill, a blind man who found Christ in the midst of pain and chaos. 

His character portrays the role of a mentor and spiritual advisor by helping a basketball coach find his identity in Christ.

Arnett said the release of Overcomer is “very timely, because we have a need of getting people back to their Savior, to their Lord.”

“I have the ability to be myself everywhere and not compromise my standards,” he explained. “I am a Christian first. I’m not an actor. I’m not a pastor. I am a son of God and I am a servant of God. That is my claim to fame.”

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