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Sept. 2, 2019
New Study Confirms: People Aren’t Born Gay Almost 500K genomes reveal five DNA markers associated with sexual behavior — but none with the ability to predict the sexuality of an individual.

Netanyahu’s Main Rival Envisions Third Temple Being Built following Elections Head of the Blue and White party, MK Benny Gantz expressed his concerns regarding the recent deal that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made with pro-3rd Temple politician Moshe Feiglin saying: “He will get us all high and we’ll wake up to a (Third) Temple” in an interview with Channel 13

Twitter CEO Refuses to Apologize After Pro-Hitler Tweets During Hack After Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked with a slew of antisemitic and racial slurs, the company responded saying: “The phone number associated with the account was compromised due to a security oversight by the mobile provider,”

Senior Iranian Official: 150,000 Missiles in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza Are Meant to Deter Israel
Do we Still Need to Worry About ISIS? Absolutely. New Book Explains WhyAfter ISIS is the perfect blend of an adventure novel supported with an accurate historical context giving the reader the best of both worlds. So if you’re a history buff who also likes a good suspense-filled war novel, After ISIS is the perfect book for you.

Back to School: Speaking Normally Does Not Come Naturally for All Young ChildrenIsraeli researchers add to the understanding of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)

DEUTERONOMY 15:11Strangely, the word lechem (לחם), ’bread,’ is the root of the word milchama (מלחמה), which means ‘war.’ According to Rabbi Benjamin Blech in his book The Secrets of Hebrew Words, people usually do not go to war because they are wicked, but rather because they are deprived of basic necessities, such as bread…LEARN »Sponsored ContentShareForwardTweet
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