Fighting Breaks Out on Northern Border of Israel – CBN News, Chris Mitchell

09-01-2019 CBN News Chris Mitchell

JERUSALEM – The Israel Defense Force says for now it appears the fighting is over with Hezbollah but that they’re prepared for more fighting if necessary. 

What many had expected for days came late Sunday afternoon.  

Hezbollah fired several anti-tank missiles at Israel Defense Forces (IDF) positions inside israel. IDF responded with artillery blasting Hezbollah positions inside Lebanon. Related

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel fired one hundred shells from the land and air. He said there were no Israeli casualties, no injuries – not even a scratch.  

However, Iran’s television network, Press TV, reported Hezbollah killed a senior IDF commander. This is Iran’s version of fake news.  

The current situation began several days ago when Iran tried to send a killer drone into the Golan Heights. Israel stopped that attack and then Israel struck a key component of Hezbollah’s effort inside Lebanon to manufacture precision guided missiles to strike Israel.  

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah vowed retaliation and his deputy said they planned a “calculated strike” but did not want to spark another war with Israel.

However, “calculated strikes” are not an exact science. Thirteen years ago what began as a small Hezbollah ambush erupted into a month long war between Israel and Hezbollah.  

But it appears – at least for now – that what began today will not flare up into a full-scale conflict.  

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