“We Came Expecting and Ready. Then God Shows Up”

“We Came Expecting and Ready. Then God Shows Up” by Steve Martin

“Then Mary said, “Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.” Luke 1:38, NKJV

A good friend and co-worker at Antioch International Church in Fort Mill, South Carolina shared this testimony of what the Lord called him to do, and in faith, asked him to trust and obey.

Read his testimony, and then ask the Lord for faith to also hear and obey. It will cost you too. 

But nothing else is really worth it…

On a Friday night in July 2019, when I was on my way to the worship service at Antioch, I was running late. I was supposed to be playing percussion on the worship team but was not feeling that well; even contemplating to not go. I was actually on Cherry Road in Rock Hill, about to get on I77. I called my wife Robbie and told her I think I am just going to come back home. She responded to me with, “Just go and if you don’t feel well then just come home.”

Upon arrival, I walked into worship a little after 7:15 pm. At some point, while I was in worship I was drawn to Ed Brigham, the appointed leader of the night. The Lord began to speak to me by saying “New Day”.

I then began to see in the spirit Ed standing on a beachhead looking out at either a sunrise or sunset. Then understanding came that it was Ed looking out and wondering what he was observing as I was walking up to give him the word, “New Day.” After I shared this with him, I turned away in worship and prayer. As I did so, I was still seeing this ocean scene and began to see an old pier having all the pillars there but most of the top planks where missing.

I asked the Lord what this was and what does it mean, as I walked towards the back of the sanctuary. 

He brought to my attention the lighting in the place. The front was well lit, and the back was not lit. 

The Lord began to speak to me about how this is representative of where things are in the body.  Many things are seen but there are many things yet to be brought into the light.  

I watched those worshiping in the back part of the sanctuary. The Holy Spirit was showing me that what I was hearing and seeing was of many in the body, who are faithful worshipers, are often in the quiet, unseen places of obscurity.  These brothers and sisters of the faith have much to offer but for various reasons like to be in the safe, unseen places of worship.

Looking at this old pier, I was impressed with the realization that likened them to the pillars as that of these faithful brothers and sisters. They were still standing and remained unmoved in their resolve devotion and love, both to the Lord and their fellow kin of the faith. 

I asked the Lord what happened to this pier that put it in such disrepair. Was it a storm? Was it neglect? Was it abandoned? It was a little of all. Also, that man had built upon doctrinal acceptations that could not withstand the realities of the environment called into.  Yet the boards that remained are the doctrinal truths of the Father’s love established on His truth.

I watched as the Lord started to rebuild this pier. The pillars were being replaced with new ones being brought up from beneath them. It was an uprising that was reestablishing placement of the old pillars as the top decking of the pier. These pillars were being laid next to the planks that remained.

I stood there looking at those who were worshiping the Lord in the back of the sanctuary. I heard the Lord say, “I am calling up those who worship Me in the quiet place, who often doubt their value to me. I am calling all out to establish what I am about to finish building. You need not doubt what I have placed in you by the purity of My love, which is for you and in you. I need the gentleness and humble spirit in you to come forth. Come into the light, My faithful ones.”

I began to sense that those in the shadows of worship need to hear this. “You are valued and you need to share what I have placed in you.” 

I then walked over and sat down on one of the camera stands to just soak, process, and listen to the Lord. I could continue to see this prier being built, as the sun was rising upon it. It was serene as it glistened with reflections of sunlight from the water mist on the boards. The pier had no end in sight. It was extended out over the sea.

Pastors Jesse and Elizabeth Enns leading worship at Antioch International Church in Fort Mill, SC

Pastor Liz (Wyns) began sharing from the pulpit about surrendering everything to God. I heard her say something about our need to give it all to God. At this time the vision of the pier began to fade away as I heard Liz say you need to place it or leave it all at the altar of God. 

Then the Lord began to speak to me about keys.

What I began to sense and hear was shocking to me. I heard the Father say, “Take your keys off your ring (this was my personal keys with my house and car keys.) I sat there in reluctant obedience as I took off the church building keys which I still had 4 of them on my key ring. I placed them in my other pocket. Upon doing so the Lord began to tell me that I needed to bring them up and place them on the altar.

I sat there telling the Father all the reasons why I need my keys. In the process of my debating with the Lord, He said that when Don Williamson gets up and goes to the altar, you are to go kneel beside him and place your keys on the altar. In my own reasoning, I thought, “Like Don is going to go up and kneel at the altar?” so I’m okay.

I believe it was within a minute after the Lord spoke this that Don stands up and starts walking forward. Upon witnessing this I began to say to myself, “No Don, don’t go kneel at the altar.” But he does, and I was thinking, “Is this really happening?”

So, I get up and start heading to the altar. I was walking up with sadness and trembling in my whole body. I was still in a surreal place of shock with all this.

Kneeling at the altar, I placed my keys on it in prayer. I began to hear the Father speak. “Now you are laying down man’s authority in the keys you carried. This building became something it was never supposed to be to you. It has possessed you, for you had taken on responsibility and identities that were never meant for you to carry.”

I was repenting and asking forgiveness for allowing this to happen. I felt things being lifted off my back. The Father was almost apologetic in His tone towards me.

He went on to say,“The keys and authority I have called you to walk in have nothing to do with the keys you held for the building.”

I spent some time there on my knees at the altar as the Father dealt with me. When we were ending our time there, I spoke to the Father saying, “I just can’t leave these keys here. They are to the building.” He responded to me, “You may pick up the keys but they are to go on a separate key ring. They are never to go back on your personal key ring. There needs to be a separation.”

I got up and walked away, sitting down and wondering what this separation of the keys meant. I knew part of it was in how I identified or how my identity had become “all things building”, which is not who I am.

Don Williamson at some point walked back to where I was sitting and shared with me something about that he had given me the key I needed, but honestly, I did not recall it all. I was still in a place of bewilderment and processing.

At the end of the evening I was encouraged to go to receive prayer from Ed. I did. The word I received from him was, “The Lord said you are fit for duty. He has given you a new stripe and authority to walk.”

Friday July 5, 2019

Mike Stephens

Rock Hill, SC

As Mike continues to trust in the Lord for direction and insight as to what occurred that night, he is encouraged that his life is in the Lord’s hands, as his heart is to hear and obey the Father in all that He gives Mike to do.

Now think on this and see what good things the Lord has in store for you and those around you.

Ahava and shalom,

Steve Martin


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