“If I Be Lifted Up” – Now Think On This by Steve Martin


“If I Be Lifted Up”

“And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.” John 12:32, NASU

Speaking of His soon approaching death on the wooden cross, Jesus (Yeshua) told His disciples that when He was lifted up, this would be the main catalyst that would then draw all men to Himself.

When Jesus was lifted up, He drew all people to Himself.

In a recent Sunday worship time, before the speaker came to the podium, the beautiful song being sung wonderfully proclaimed Jesus. As the congregation focused in on praising His Name, I could really sense the move of the Holy Spirit drawing those focused on Jesus, and bringing them into a greater realm of the spirit. Jesus was being lifted up in our midst. He was drawing the people even closer to Him.

We weren’t focused on our needs. We weren’t singing, “Bless me. Bless mine.” Or, “Woe is me. Help me. Take care of me.”

We were singing Jesus.

Over 7 years ago now I led a worship team at a local Highway to Zion assembly here in Charlotte, North Carolina, headed by founder Cathy Hargett. We sang several Messianic songs, written by Messianic Jews, and a few written by popular Christian worship leaders. Present in the meeting was a Messianic Jewish leader from Israel, one very prominent in the movement taking place among believers in the Land of His people.

After the time set for all on the schedule had been concluded, he came up to me afterward and said, “I never heard the name of Yeshua in all of the songs sung during the singing and worship time.”

I was startled and immediately said, “We sang all songs written by a Messianic Jew!”

His reply was, “You never mentioned the Name, Yeshua.”

A bit offended, for days, I dismissed it as, “Who is he to come here to America and tell us what we should sing, when we are singing Messianic songs, written by Messianic believers.” Others who had been there agreed, and yet the Lord wouldn’t let it go in my thoughts and spirit.

Again, during this recent time of Christian worship in the Sunday gathering, when Jesus’ Name was lifted up, the Holy Spirit began moving among the people. Hearts and souls were being centered on Jesus, not on themselves.
In many Christian circles these days, with a lot of the songs played on the radio, sung in our churches, or used among small and large gatherings, a self-centered theme is very prominent.

Even in the sermons and messages being delivered from the pulpit, it is a lot of the “me” stuff.

What can Jesus do for me today? What needs will be met if I seek Him to have them fulfilled? When will my hurt and pain and suffering endured daily as I drink my Starbucks and drive my new car to the high-paying job be over with?

I write this in a somewhat demeaning way, but isn’t it often how we think? It is “Me, me, me. It is all about me.”

When Yeshua (Jesus) is lifted up in our lives, when it is Him Whom we are focused on, for Who He is, high and lifted up in the heavens, and not on ourselves, things will change. When He is praised, when He is worshiped, when we vocally and prominently declare His supernatural actions and reflect on the results of overflowing His love and grace for the nations, then we will be amazed at how He will move among us.

“If I be lifted up” Jesus said, He promised to draw all men and women unto Him. Not only did He then on the cross, but He will now among us this day.
That will be amazing when we finally do.

Lift up Jesus. Glorify His Name. Forget about yourself for a moment and think, thank Him.

Now think on this and see what good things the Lord has in store for you and those around you.

Ahava and shalom,
Steve Martin

Founder/PresidentLove For His People, Inc.

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Now Think On This #443 – in the year of our Lord 07.30.19 – “If I Be Lifted Up”

Steve Martin

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