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There are many Believers who have spent this last season in a cave. Even though they’ve been in this cave they have still been encountering God’s presence and still encountering His glory, but they feel alone and trapped. In their hearts they feel hurt and abandoned. They feel as though they are the only one who has been going through this in their region, city, and country.
God showed me a golden valley, full of His glory. It was like the fresh, golden pollen of His glory was falling from Heaven upon the valley. As I looked up, I saw the valley was surrounded by mountains encompassing it. In these mountains were a multitude of caves, separate from each other. God said inside these caves were many hurt prophets, apostles, pastors, evangelists, teachers, and fiery-footed sons and daughters who have chosen to dedicate their lives to the Kingdom of God and not religion, money, and self-promotion.
Encountering His Presence But Unable to Hear His Voice
This hidden remnant could not see each other in these caves, and they felt like they were the only ones in a cave season – even though they were surrounded by others just like themselves. There were many that wept alone. There were many who were hurt and had been driven out by other people. It was because of this that they have felt like they were no longer flowing in the same intimacy, vision, and giftings as they had before in the previous seasons. They felt as if they could encounter His presence but could no longer hear His voice as they used to. (Photo via Unsplash)
Suddenly, I heard a clarion call from Heaven. The voice was like a rumble of thunder and lightning but was as clear as a melody of worship. He said, “What do you hear, oh remnant?” They said, “We can’t hear anything in tears!”
Then an instrumental of Heaven became louder and louder and I heard the angels and the cloud of great witnesses singing, “You can do it. You can do it!” They were cheering the remnant on. Then God said, “I have not abandoned you. I will give you something bigger than the vision you can see right now. It’s time for the remnant to step forth. It’s time remnant to arise and shine for your light has come! The glory of the Lord has risen upon you.”
Step Out of Your Caves
Then the remnant replied, “Lord, we are all alone, and are timid to step forth.” Then God said, “I have many remnant, just like you. There are many in your region, many in your city, many in your country, and many around the world. I never called you to step out and arise alone.”
God then spoke again, “I have called the remnant forth as fiery-footed people to arise together, to align together, to run this race together, to bring Heaven to Earth, together. Arise, oh remnant and step out of your caves.”
Can't You Talk Louder, God?
As they stepped forward, out of their caves, they saw hundreds of thousands of others who stepped forth too. This mountain range of the remnant Believers was awakened to the fact that they were not the only ones. God had set them apart for such a time as this. They started out of their caves and started a new walk down the mountains to the golden valley that had the glory raining down upon it like golden pollen.
Lift His Name on High
They all came down and locked arms as one Body with one purpose. As they celebrated in the valley, their feet burned with fire upon them, their hands burned with a fresh fire upon them, and when they spoke, like golden pollen, the glory of God flowed out of their mouths as ones that spoke the heart of the Father.
God said, “Look! The ones called ‘The Remnant’ who thought they were small and alone have now arisen together and aligned together to carry My Kingdom to those that do not know My heart, to those that are hurting and have been crushed, to those that need to have their first love turned back to My Son, Jesus. These ones will be known as glory carriers, fiery-footed ones, nation shakers, and atmosphere changers.
“They will be known for carrying and releasing signs, wonders, miracles, and healings greater than they’ve seen before. Most importantly, they will be known for passionately loving Me, My Son, and My Spirit, because everything flows from intimately knowing Me and who I created them to be in My Son. They will not do this for their own fame, but they will lift, in unity, My Son’s name on high.” (Photo via Unsplash)
“…But the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you. The Gentiles shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising. ‘Lift up your eyes all around, and see: They all gather together, they come to you; your sons shall come from afar, and your daughters shall be nursed at your side. Then you shall see and become radiant, and your heart shall swell with joy…” (Isaiah 60:2-5)
“Remnant arise and come forth! Align together in unity in this new season. I have something greater in store for you.” 
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Travis Holland
Foundations of Revival

Email: aboutus.foundations@gmail.com
Website: www.foundationsofrevival.com
Travis Holland is an apostolic revivalist & itinerant speaker and co-founder of Foundations of Revival. He has a heart to see Heaven invade Earth and to see people live out the Kingdom dynamics they were called to. 
Travis and Chantie Holland have been called to be conduits and to dig up wells of revival all over the world. Those wells of prophetic words and prayers that have been spoken over cities, regions, and nations. He has called them to speak His Words and lay hands and see His miracles, signs, and wonders manifest in people’s lives. They also have a vision of equipping those that are called to host His presence in their area.
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