Netanyahu Exposes Iran: ‘They Lied the Whole Time!’ Ancient Road to Holy Temple Unveiled; Jerusalem Square’ Inaugurated in Paris – United with Israel

United with Israel US Envoy: America’s Spiritual Base is from Jerusalem; Israeli, Arab Officials Focus on Iran in at Gulf Meeting; Jerusalem Light Festival Brightens Old City; Ready for Jewish Emojis? 
Netanyahu Exposes Iran: ‘They Lied the Whole Time’
WATCH: Ancient Road Leading to Holy Temple Unveiled in Jerusalem!
Amid Growing Anti-Semitism, ‘Jerusalem Square’ Opens in Paris
Israeli and Arab Officials Put Iran in Crosshairs at Gulf Meeting
WATCH: Palestinians Seeking Real Peace Hunted Down by Abbas’ Party
Jerusalem Light Festival Brightens Summer Evenings
WATCH: America’s Spiritual Base Comes from Jerusalem, Amb. Friedman Says
What’s the World Lacking? Jewish Emojis!
WATCH: Should Israel Fight BDS with Financial Incentives?
A First: Druze Arab with Special Needs Joins IDF!
USA: 1-888-ZION-613
Israel: +972-2-533-7841

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