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Hi Steven!
This week’s Bible study is the 6th in my series “The Rise And Fall Of Nations.”
This is about the supernatural power of prophetic timing that is revealed in the books of Esther, Nehemiah and Ezra. The chapters in each book show exactly where we are prophetically right now, as America is in a great battle. Not only that, but the church is in the throes of understanding its responsibilities of how to respond, pray, and engage.
More specifically, this is about the scepter of Esther and what that means symbolically, what the “signet ring anointing” is, the power of decrees, and more.
Don’t miss this Bible study video where I reveal how it all applies to the church and America today!


I know what it feels like to wonder – “When Lord? When will it be my turn?
Your life, is a calling to touch MANY. You were created to make a difference – I know you feel that! There are people attached to your destiny. What people? Your family for one. The people closest to you should see your dedication. Your children, friends and family should look at your life and say, “that’s the way I want to live!”
Of course… then there are the multitudes of people attached to your destiny you come into contact with every day.
Your destiny is TOO IMPORTANT to mess up!

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