Dutch Sheets & Chuck Pierce: Commissioned to Take Back the High Places

Dutch Sheets & Chuck Pierce: Commissioned to Take Back the High Places

Published on Jun 26, 2019


Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce commission us to go forth as apostolic, prophetic teams to do the Father’s business and take back the high places from the enemy. Dutch shares a dream given to a friend that showed the largest U.S. aircraft carrier stopped at the place in Jacksonville, FL, where the Huguenots landed in 1562 and became the first preachers of the gospel in the U.S. God told Dutch, “The praying church has now established AIR SUPERIORITY over the enemy.” We receive an impartation of the Caleb “spirit of excellence” to take down giants. Both Dutch and Chuck pray and prophesy over us to receive the power and insight we need to take back our rightful inheritance. ENJOY! Full service here: https://bit.ly/2WRYD7R For more videos, subscribe to our YouTube Channel here: https://bit.ly/2TRObAR If this post is a blessing to you, be a blessing and Follow the King of Kings Worship Center Facebook Page. If you want to be a double blessing, “like”, “share” and “comment.” If you need help with a personal problem email info@kingofkingswc.com. We’d like to agree with you in prayer and offer whatever assistance we can provide. Donate here: http://www.kingofkingswc.com/donate/ I was in Jacksonville Florida recently and there was a ministry there that had in their opinion they they went and there discernment they felt like they had discerned that one of the ruling spirits over this nation was ruling from there at the very spot where the Huguenots landed and he centuries ago established a strong righteousness in this nation there this was the place this was a place where the gospel was first preached the first convert to the Lord on this soil that we know of occurred in the first martyr a holy and deep well that had been eventually taken over by the enemy just like had Burton and they discerned that the spirit of Leviathan was ruling from that place so they went they began a a disciplined systematic faithful three and four times a week gathered in a place right there where they could look out on that spot and and pray against it I went there to minister on the Sunday morning I was I did a conference but I was scheduled to be in their church on Sunday more so went there it didn’t know any of this the night before Saturday night man with me had a dream and in the dream and he didn’t know all of these details either but in the dream the USS Ford which is America’s new aircraft carrier we’re talking about air superiority now the USS Ford our newest and most powerful aircraft carrier was commissioned that week it’s three and a half football fields long there’s enough power and I’m not exaggerating when I say this there’s enough power on that boat to destroy the world it’s a city on the water the earth has never known of a weapon like that but it is the epitome of air superiority this aircraft carrier in the dream President Trump sent that USS fort up this river and it could not make the turn and the river wasn’t deep enough so it got stuck there at the exact spot where the Huguenots landed and where they had discerned the Spirit was ruling from and in the dream they were giving the president grief people were and reporters imagine that and saying things like what you understand I believe why why would you send this huge ship up this river you should have known no way to do this without getting stuck and he mentioned in the dream he mentioned the name of this apostolic leader leading this prayer movement he said because apostle I sent it up there because apostle so-and-so asked me for it and then he said and it’s not leaving until he’s finished with it and I sought the Lord for several weeks over that because I knew and I felt like the Lord was saying to me through that and I waited until I was confident that I could say what I’m about to say with confidence because what I heard the Lord say through that dream was the praying Church has now established air superiority over the enemy when you have air superiority you in the war we’re gonna take out the Giants because we’re gonna be able to drop spiritual bombs on these strongholds and what we used to pray about for five years we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna decree over places on the planet and it’s not going to take five years it’s gonna take a few days or a few weeks or a few months and the whole thing’s gonna be transformed you’re gonna see teams of apostolic and prophetic intercessors go into nations of the earth that have been under the rule of some of these giants for centuries and millennia and they’re going to go in and they’re going break through and tear down that spiritual stronghold of that giant and when they leave the people are going to be free you’re gonna see that happen because we have air superiority we not only have it legally in the spirit because we’re seated there with him but sometimes we’re not able to walk out the reality of what the word says because our revelation is not there there are certain things that have opened the door

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