“This is What I Saw and Heard in Heaven…” Jennifer Eivaz, The Elijah List

June 25, 2019

“This is What I Saw and Heard in Heaven…”Jennifer Eivaz, Turlock, CA

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzJennifer Eivaz has to be one of my favorite people as well as an amazing prophetic voice to the Body of Christ.
I’ve almost NEVER seen anyone run with the vision God has for them like Jennifer. My wife and I are good friends with Jennifer and her husband Ron.
More and more in this season, God is asking us to tell the stories of Heaven and of Heaven on Earth, and ALSO where both Heaven and Earth MEET.
This is one such story. God is so good. Many, and I mean multiple thousands, are being caught up to Heaven where God wants to show them amazing things that they CAN TELL US NOW!
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“This is What I Saw and Heard in Heaven…”Jennifer Eivaz, Turlock, CA

My husband and I have two wonderful children, one boy and one girl. Our son, David, is a basketball enthusiast who is almost ready to start driving and then our daughter, Christiana, is quite the creative and attends elementary school.
He is the God of the Impossible

Perhaps you didn’t know that I’m physically unable to have children. Still, the Lord saw fit to show me both of my children in two separate visions well ahead of time. I saw their gender and heard their names as He prepared our home for a miracle. He really does know us in His heart before we are born, and He knew my children before they ever came into being (Jer. 1:5). Despite my physical limitations, I still became pregnant and both children came just as He promised.
Surprisingly, I became pregnant a third time, but then lost the pregnancy through a miscarriage. I was devastated and experienced a deep grief that gnawed at me for years.
As I initially prayed through the problem, Jesus gave me a clear vision shortly after the miscarriage. I found myself in Heaven standing before Him. He opened His hand and I saw our miscarried child being carried so carefully in the palm of His hand. This experience didn’t take away the pain, but it helped me to know that she wasn’t gone forever. She may have died on Earth, but she was alive in Christ and I will see her someday.
A Glimpse Inside Heaven

This last year, I was taken to Heaven again. (By the way, these visions can seem so real that it’s hard to say if it’s really a vision or not. Still, everything must be in congruence with the Bible and so I will carefully point to the Scriptures as I describe what happened.)
While in Heaven, I saw a beautifully-dressed young girl and she was playing with a group of other children. I knew in my heart that she was my daughter whom I had miscarried on Earth. She also appeared to be around the age she would have been if she had lived.
When she saw me, she excitedly grabbed my hand and took me to see the flowers growing nearby in a field. To my amazement, the flowers began to speak to me in a very soft, sing-song type of voice. I couldn’t make out what they were saying/singing, but the Bible does say that all creation speaks and this was a fascinating example of that (Rom. 1:20).
Then I looked on the horizon and saw the mountains. They were moving back and forth, but here it was a gentle movement and not a violent one. Again, the Bible says that mountains shift and move in His presence and at the sound of His voice (Ps. 97:5; Mark 11:23-24).
Finally, my daughter spoke to me and said, “I can’t wait to hear you tell me the stories that I’ve already read about.” I knew what she was referring to. I had read in Psalm 139:16 about the book that God wrote about our individual lives before we ever got here.
Apparently, she had read my book, and at this point I sort of lost myself. I asked her, “Do you want me to just come over now?” She replied, “No. You’re not finished yet.” And then the vision ended.
Now I want to assure you that this was not some kind of necromancy. I didn’t conjure this up or even expect it. I was clearly in Heaven and saw many children who had died on Earth, but were alive in Christ. That’s important to clarify because some might try in their grief to contact the dead and that is Scripturally off limits. I believe Jesus allowed this heavenly encounter at a key time in my life so I could finally resolve the grief I still felt and be encouraged to finish my race because I’m not finished yet. And either are you. 

You are not finished yet. You need to finish.

Are you stuck in disappointment? Has something or someone died, and are you still stuck in grief, not wanting to move forward? I want to encourage you that you can move on now and fully respond to the upward call of God in your life. The Holy Spirit is here and fully willing to help you.
Your Calling Began in Eternity

Your calling in God began in eternity and your calling will have an eternal impact. This can explain why all of Heaven is waiting for you to finish. There will be those in Heaven who’ve read your book and are waiting upon you to finish. I also believe that you too will be asked to “tell them the stories that they’ve already read about you.”
Be encouraged today. I am praying for you.
Jennifer Eivaz, Executive Pastor
Harvest Christian Center, Turlock, CA
Jennifer Eivaz is the bestselling author of both The Intercessors Handbook and the newly released Seeing the Supernatural. She is also a featured writer for several online publications including the Elijah List and Charisma Magazine. Jennifer is a vibrant minister and conference speaker who carries the wisdom and fire of the Holy Spirit. She is passionate to equip the Body of Christ for effectual prayer, to hear the voice of God accurately, and to experience genuine encounters with His glory. 

Jennifer is the founder of Harvest Ministries International and Executive Pastor with Harvest Christian Center in Turlock, California. Jennifer is married to HCC’s Senior Pastor Ron Eivaz, and they have two wonderful children.

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