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Bring happiness to Israel’s children
And all your children shall be disciples of Hashem,
And great shall be the happiness of your 

Isaiah 54:13 (The Israel Bible™)

כָל־בָּנַיִךְ לִמּוּדֵי יְהֹוָה וְרַב שְׁלוֹם בָּנָיִךְ
Hear the verse in Hebrew

ve-KOL ba-NAY-kha lee-MU-day ve-rav sha-LOM ba-NAY-kha

Although the Land of Israel is ancient, its population is actually very young! (34.6% of Israelis are under the age of 18.) Unfortunately, many of these children are victims of the poverty crisis in Israel. There is nothing more distresing than knowing that innocent children go to bed hungry. Fulfill Isaiah’s words and help bring happiness to the children of Israel . If you are in Israel, you can volunteer to help feed them. If not, donations are equally important. 

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FEATURED PHOTO: Israelis of all ages enjoy a “bubble parade” in Tel Aviv (Shutterstock).
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