As Germany Imports ‘Jew-Haters’, Some Jews Are Joining a So-Called ‘Nazi’ Party – CBN News Dale Hurd

As Germany Imports ‘Jew-Haters’, Some Jews Are Joining a So-Called ‘Nazi’ Party

CBN News Dale Hurd
BERLIN – The world just celebrated the 75th anniversary of the D-day landings. But in the lifetimes of those who survived the Second World War, anti-Semitism is again a threat to Jews in Germany. 
Kippahs Now Dangerous for Jews to Wear
One reason is demographics. Muslims now outnumber Jews 50 to one. And for the first time since the Nazi regime, Jewish leaders are warning that it’s too dangerous to wear the Kippah, or Jewish cap, in some areas.

Olig Butkuvesly, a German Jew says, “Me, myself, I wouldn’t wear a Kippah. Unfortunately, it’s not safe. Maybe I hope that it will be safe in the future or maybe it was safe in the past, but right now in 2019, it’s not safe at all, unfortunately.”

A magazine even printed a paper Kippah for all Germans to wear, to show solidarity with Jews. 
Jews Look to Far-Right for Protection from Muslims
The German government and media say the threat to Jews comes both from the far-right and from Muslim immigrants. And while there is a dangerous neo-Nazi movement in Germany that hates Jews, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s welcome of more than a million Muslims from countries with anti-Semitic cultures has caused some Jews to join the so-called far-right for protection.
Germany’s third-largest political party, AfD or Alternative for Germany, has been branded as Nazi by the left-dominated German media, even though its platform looks a lot like the Republican Party in America. It has shown stronger support for Israel than any other major German party, and now has a chapter called “Jews in the AfD.” 
At its first meeting members sang “Oseh Shalom.” 
But why would Jews join a so-called ‘Nazi Party’? Maybe they don’t think it’s ‘Nazi,’ or maybe they think they face a more serious threat.
The German media views “Jews in the AfD” as a publicity stunt. Jewish groups have warned that AfD is no friend of the Jews. And the founder of the group, Bernhard Kraukopf, has been denounced as a “Jewish Nazi.” 
Left Brands Conservative Party ‘Nazi,’ but Is It?
Krauskopf told us, “Look when the media tells you that the AfD is a Nazi party, and when the media looks for some Nazis [in AfD], which we have – like ALL the parties in Germany – this is nothing special about the AfD. The Left consists of Jew-haters, not all of them. Yes, we have some [‘Jew-haters’]. We try to get rid of them. It’s not so easy because we have free speech.” 
Some AfD leaders have said disturbing things. Björn Höcke called Berlin’s Holocaust memorial a “memorial of disgrace” and said Germans should stop feeling guilty. Alexander Gauland said that “Hitler and the Nazis are just a speck of bird ‘poop’ in over 1,000 years of successful German history.”
Krauskopf says he doesn’t like these comments, but he says what Angela Merkel has done to make Germany less safe for Jews is far worse. 
Bad Words Versus Bad Actions: Knowingly Importing Dangerous Anti-Semitism 
“To import Jew haters into Germany while knowing it is an anti-Jewish act that’s not just you know, some memorial. This is reducing our security in Germany by the chancellor of Germany herself,” Krauskopf says.
There were never a lot of Jews in Germany. Even before the Nazis, Jews were less than one percent of the population. And almost 75 years after the defeat of the Nazis, Jews in Germany still only number about 115,000. 
And they’re feeling increasingly outnumbered and in danger because of Muslims immigration, which is far worse than the government will admit. 
Berlin Accused of Lying About the Threat from Muslim Immigration 
“They are playing it down. They’re lying. No other word. They are lying about it,” Krauskopf says. “So, there are lots of excuses and the situation gets worse every day. Because the government has lost control. Jew-haters have been imported. [The German government knows] these are Jew-haters, so now you have no excuse like the normal excuse was after World War Two: ‘Yeah, but we didn’t know that this would happen, we didn‘t know…’” 
Krauskopf added emphatically, “You know it now.” 

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