Steps to Conquer the Demonic Spirit of Rejection by Kathy DeGraw Identity Network Jun 7, 2019

Steps to Conquer the Demonic Spirit of Rejection by Kathy DeGraw

Steps to Conquer the Demonic Spirit of Rejection by Kathy DeGraw

Identity Network  Jun 7, 2019
By Derek Prince
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Rejection is a lying spirit that draws us into thinking in a way that is contrary to what the Word of God states. Rejection plagues most people and has been built up as a stronghold in many people’s lives. It creates disunity in relationships, destroys destinies, and releases bitterness, resentment, and offense.

How Do We Conquer Rejection?

Acknowledging that you are suffering from rejection is the first step in removing this hindrance from your life. Recognizing rejecting thoughts, casting them down, and taking them captive will be instrumental in receiving your deliverance. Second Corinthians 10:5 (NASB) instructs us to “take every thought captive.” In the Complete Jewish Bible, “taking the thought captive” actually means submitting the thought and making the thought obey Christ.

When thoughts of rejection come in, they must be submitted to the Word of God. Ask yourself: Does this thought line up with the Word of God or contradict what the Bible says about me and who I am? Rejection comes in through the words people speak to us or actions they take with regard to us. Rejection can also come from how we perceive a situation.

Our identity comes from God, not what people think.

We should desire to love and live in unity with people, but people are not where our identity should come from. Our identity comes from knowing who we are in Christ and whose we are. As we read the Bible and learn about our kingdom inheritance and our rightful position and authority in the kingdom, it will affirm us.

We will then take our eyes off the need for people’s approval and know that we are accepted and loved by God. When we know that God accepts us and that we are living in the fullness of His love and power, no one can reject us.

Casting down the thoughts of what other people think is an ongoing battle. However, it is a battle you can conquer. When you are in God’s presence, He will speak to you and reveal the lies that seem like reality. He will assist you in removing those lies through His Word.

Steps to Conquer Rejection

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the pockets of rejection in your life.

Repent of where you have taken in rejection.

Declare: I am accepted and loved by God, and that is the real truth I need to believe.
Ask God to help you get over your need to feel accepted and approved by others.
Learn your identity in Christ through reading books and the Word of God.

Take every thought captive and cast out the ones that don’t line up with the Word of God.
Each and every thought must be taken captive and cast down. Rejection builds up when we take those thoughts in and take ownership of such thoughts. Instead of casting them down, we take them in and allow them to build strongholds in us. 

Each time we own thought and don’t cast it down, it is part of a platform we build inside ourselves. We build up that rejection with each and every thought that comes our way. Rejection manifests because we don’t take thoughts captive and dismiss them for what they are—lies and distortions of who we are.

The Bible says who you are and whose you are. Do you believe you are seated in heavenly places? When you renew your mind, when you close the doors to the lies and know you are accepted by God, then and only then will you not allow rejection to penetrate your heart and mind. Keep your heart and mind connected to Christ Jesus and what He says about you.

Kathy DeGraw

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