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Friday, May 24, 2019
Megachurch Pastor: What Every Spirit-Filled Christian Needs to Know About Leaving Legacy 

Global Pastor Maury Davis (Facebook/Maury Davis Coaching)
The older you get, the more you realize that, at some point, you must leave a legacy. I recently interviewed an expert on this topic, global pastor Maury Davis. His message on legacy is so powerful that organizations all over the U.S. ask him to speak on it. In fact, when I heard him speak on legacy at the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, I knew it was a message every believer should hear.

You may remember that I interviewed Davis recently about his powerful testimony. Click hereto read about how God transformed him from a convicted murderer into a megachurch pastor. But Davis wasn’t an expert on legacy until God performed a supernatural healing miracle for him and his quickly growing church back in 2013. Click here to listen to my full interview with Davis on legacy, or listen in this article.

When I asked Davis to tell me how that miracle came about, he told me it all started with a stubborn enchilada addiction.

“I was in my doctor’s office for my cholesterol medicine, because I have an enchilada addiction,” Davis said with a laugh. “So I just take Lipitor for cholesterol because it’s easier than eating granola the rest of my life. And the doctor discovered some leukemia in my bloodstream. Our church, [Cornerstone Church in Nashville], was in a $17 million building project—at the very beginning of it. And I realized that if I went to the oncologist and I was diagnosed with cancer, the bank would freak out and maybe shut the project down.”

That fear kept Davis from seeing his doctor again for several months. When he finally did, the test was worse than before. This time, the doctor was adamant that Davis should see an oncologist.

“In November of [2013], I went and had Pastor George pray for me—my pastor that led me to the Lord,” Davis says. “He was the first person I told… read more 

How to Pass on Your Legacy to Others with Maury Davis

How to Pass on Your Legacy to Others with Maury Davis

17 Minutes – May 23rd 2019

Listen as global pastor Maury Davis provides the steps for you, as a leader, to create a plan to pass down your legacy at your organization. He says it begins with changing your thinking and taking an assessment of your vision, staff, organizational structure, and personalities. Hear now to discover the main thing to look for in a successor.

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