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Members of the Freedom Family march on D.C.
Members of the Freedom Family march on D.C. (Freedom March/Facebook)

Ex-LGBT Will March on Washington This Weekend to Celebrate Freedom

Last May, a handful of people gathered near the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to share how Christ set them free from homosexuality.
On May 25, they’ll meet again. This time, they’ll have hundreds added to their ranks proclaiming that freedom is possible.
Charisma News spoke with several “Overcomers,” that is, men and women who have left homosexuality, including Freedom March Founder Jeffrey McCall. You can listen to their stories by clicking on the podcasts at the end of the article.
Since 2018’s inaugural march, the group led a rally in Los Angeles and has two planned in St. Paul and Orlando in addition to D.C.
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As for D.C.’s second march, McCall shared how the movement has shifted in the last year and what he expects in a few weeks.
Charisma News: How are you feeling now that you’re approaching the anniversary of the original Freedom March?
Jeffrey McCall: I am so excited. The first Freedom March actually landed on my birthday last year, so every year for my birthday, I get to celebrate the birthday of the Freedom March. It’s just so exciting to see how much the Freedom March has grown. I can’t believe just how close it has brought people from all over the country. It’s created the “Freedom Family” with overcomers uniting from all over the country.
CN: How has the movement changed over the last year?
JM: The movement has grown so much. We are just continuing to share the testimonies of people who have left LGBTQ lifestyles to follow Jesus. We continue this movement, but with new people getting to share every year.
CN: What have you changed about your tactics in planning/executing the march?
JM: We have changed the march to have more testimonies together in between worship and opened up time at the end to minister to the people.
CN: Why hold Freedom Marches in multiple locations?
JM: It was actually M.J. Nixon‘s idea to travel and take the March from D.C. to other cities. We thought it was a great idea to pull people together for cities in their states to host a Freedom March and publicly proclaim Jesus in their own areas.
CN: What miracles are you seeing on the front lines?
JM: We are seeing miracles. People from all over this country are leaving LGBTQ lifestyles to follow Jesus Christ. When they see us, what we’re doing and standing for, it shows them the power of God and that He wants us too.
CN: How are you battling principalities in cities like D.C., LA, St. Paul and Orlando?
JM: When we come united, it’s like the power of the blood of Jesus goes before us, and principalities can’t do anything. Whether we contend in cities with spiritual powers or not, we know that we have the victory, and we walk in with our heads high knowing Jesus chose us, and we walk out of that city knowing we have accomplished what God destined us to do in that city.
CN: What are your goals for this year’s marches?
JM: My goals for this year’s Freedom March is to grow and have more of the body of Christ to come out and support us! We want all brothers and sisters in Christ to come hear the stories and to unify with us in marching, proclaiming, ‘Jesus is Lord’!
CN: What has the Holy Spirit told you about this upcoming march?
JM: The Holy Spirit has shown me these three marches this year—D.C., St. Paul and Orlando—will really put the Freedom March on the map. It will have really explosively grown this year and will begin the revival that will occur in the LGBTQ community!
CN: How has the Holy Spirit fulfilled previous dreams/visions about the marches?
JM: The Holy Spirit has truly fulfilled the dream of what I saw the march becoming. It’s been awesome because I received a word that people would come alongside me and help me, and that word came true! Without the Freedom March board, it would not be what it has become today. It’s been amazing teamwork!
CN: How can people get involved?
JM: People can get involved by helping us with donations and prayers. We have to raise a lot of money to put these things together. We actually have all the people we need to fulfill these marches; we just need financial support. We would also like people to keep us covered in prayers. Our website is info@freedomtomarch.com; we also have a “Freedom March” Facebook page.
CN: What else would you like to add?
JM: We are all so honored to share what Jesus has done in our lives. We all left the LGBTQ life to follow Jesus, and our surrender is producing great fruit for the kingdom of God. We are so excited that many more are coming out and experiencing the freedom from sexual bondage that only Jesus can give. He is a chain breaker, and He has paid for all to be free! So we hope everyone comes out and supports what we are doing!
Join us in Washington, D.C., May 25; St. Paul, Minnesota, June 23; and Orlando on Sept. 14.
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