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The One Eurovision Song You Need to See

The One Eurovision Song You Need to See
It was an intermission performance, but if this band was really competing, they definitely should have won Eurovision
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  PayPal Shuts Down BDS Group With Terrorist Links

PayPal Shuts Down BDS Group With Terrorist Links
Shortly after PayPal hits BDS group’s wallet, Germany gov’t announces that all BDS orgs are antisemitic and should be shunned
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  100% Arab, 100% Israeli

100% Arab, 100% Israeli
While the media focuses attention on Arabs who hate Israel, one Israeli Arab is saying she loves the Jewish state
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  Earthquake Rocks Israel

Earthquake Rocks Israel
Israel has experienced at least five earthquakes in the past year alone, and many believe a “big one” is due
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  Want to Live in Israel? There's a New Visa You Should Check Out

Want to Live in Israel? There’s a New Visa You Should Check Out
For the first time in its history, Israel implements a foreign investment visa allowing holders to live in the Jewish state indefinitely
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