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A Jerusalemite flag waving in the Old City of Jerusalem (Ateret Cohanim)
Who secures justice for those who are wronged, gives food to the hungry. Hashem sets prisoners free
Psalm 146:7 (The Israel Bible™)

עֹשֶׂה מִשְׁפָּט לָעֲשׁוּקִים נֹתֵן לֶחֶם לָרְעֵבִים יְהֹוָה מַתִּיר אֲסוּרִים
Hear the verse in Hebrew

oh-SE meesh-PAHT la-ah-su-KEEM no-TAYN le-KHM la-ri-ay-VEEM ah-do-NAI ma-TEER ah-su-REEM

Securing Justice for Those Captive

A prominent theme in the Jewish tradition is freeing those who are captive. In this verse, we learn that God frees the captives. Such is true in the land of Israel, but not only for the Jewish people. Read the remarkable story of how a Palestinian man was arrested and tortured by the Palestinian Authority for selling his property to Israelis and how he was freed from his captivity thanks to the efforts of non-profit organization Ateret Cohanim. Ateret Cohanim not only longs for the time when all people will be free, but actively works towards it, advocating for the freedom for every Jew to live where they wish.
BIN EXCLUSIVE: US Citizen Rescued From Palestinian Prison for Selling Property to Jews
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