Trump Comforts Wounded Rabbi; Palestinians Violently Attack Christians; Israeli Cartoonist Fights Back Against NY Times; IDF Wounds Terrorist – United with Israel

Moment of Silence for San Diego Victims; CLICK HERE for Latest from Israel!
United with Israel Arab Youth Attend First Ever Holocaust Event; Palestinian TV Teaches Kids: ‘Become Martyrs’; Druze Leader Debunks Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Lie; Israelis Mourn Death of Prominent Rabbi 
Trump Comforts Wounded Rabbi After Synagogue Attack
Christians Attacked by Violent Palestinians, Forced to Pay ‘Ransom Tax’
WATCH: IDF Wounds Terrorist During Attack; NY Times Blames Editor; Rabbi Recounts Vicious Attack; More Top News!
Israeli Cartoonist Fights Back with Anti-NY Times Drawing 
WATCH: Moment of Silence at UN in Memory of San Diego Shooting Victims 
Arab Youth Attend First-of-a-Kind Holocaust Remembrance Event 
Palestinian TV Tells Kids: ‘Be Martyrs, Free Jerusalem!’ 
Israelis Mourn Death of Rabbi Who Survived Holocaust, Rebuilt Jewish People 
WATCH: Druze Leader Exposes Truth About Palestinian ‘Refugees’ 
Why Toymaker LEGO is Looking to Israel for Ideas 

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Israel: +972-2-533-7841

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