The Third Temple, the Real Tower of Babel & 666 Fifth Avenue – Steve Cioccolanti & Discover Ministries

Published on Apr 26, 2019


Plans for building Israel’s tallest tower, similar in looks to the Tower of Babel, spark excitement about rebuilding the Third Temple. Pastor Steve Cioccolanti investigates the hype around the Third Temple and the number 666. For a prophetic understanding of numbers, get the ESSENTIAL GUIDE, 20 years in the making… THE DIVINE CODE: A PROPHETIC ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NUMBERS, Vol 1 & 2 ✅ Paperback VOLUME I –✅ Paperback VOLUME II –✅ Kindle of VOLUME I (1 to 25)✅ Kindle of VOLUME II (26 to 1000) ——————————- SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK:… INSTAGRAM:… TWITTER: QUORA… BACK UP CHANNEL:…——————————- Reference and image credit:…——————————- ✝️ JOIN Discover Church Online via PATREON: ▶️ STREAM videos-on-demand via VIMEO:… ▶️4000 YEARS OF HISTORY: From Creation to Christ (12 DVDs):… ——————————- ✅ YES, I’d like to help Discover Church build on the newly acquired land. Here’s my gift towards the $1.5 million building campaign goal: DONATE via PayPal: DONATE via credit card: (c) Steve Cioccolanti. All rights reserved.

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