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‘Jesus Was a Palestinian;’ Islam’s Plot to Rewrite World History

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s latest outburst pales in comparison to her other remarks and seems to threaten all of Western society

Coming Soon to the Golan: Trumpville

Egypt, Iran Power Struggle Played Out in Gaza

Benjamin Netanyahu said that a city would be named in President Trump’s honor, over his recognition of Israeli sovereignty in the Golan Heights
Cairo is exerting its influence in Gaza to avoid a new conflict and mediate a period of calm

How’s Your Passover Hebrew Vocabulary?
Take the Quiz and Find Out

Passover is a journey from slavery to freedom and into the Holy Land

WATCH: New Israeli Army Chief of Staff Unveils Plan for the IDF

Israel’s 2018 defense exports totaled approximately $7.5 billion, a drop of almost $2 billion from the year before


Walking through the Land of Israel is an educational experience. Every kilometer tells another story of ancient, medieval or modern history…

Passover: Matzah as a Symbol of Jewish Heroism

By Michael Freund
Imagine the courage it required for a family living in the shadow of the Inquisition to risk discovery by holding a Seder and eating matzah 
By Daniel Pipes
By Khaled Abu Toameh
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