Back to Life Again – For Jesus and For You –

Invite the resurrection of the Holy Spirit’s power in your life. Find your inspiration below.
Jesus Christ, Our Burden Bearer

Jesus saw the depth of our evil, was filled with compassion and allowed His body to be broken for us.


Why You Must Make a Decision about God

As Pilate sits on the judge’s seat with Jesus nearby, he asks a question that should cause each of us to stop and think.

Living the Joy of Easter

When the day comes and my chair is empty at the dinner table, what will my family say about my life?


When is Jesus Christ Coming Again? Will Jesus Return?

The Bible tells us about Jesus Christ’s return.

Each day you will receive a meaningful glimpse of some facet of life made better by your faith in Jesus Christ.

Discover a Relationship with God


Receive Prayer


Learn How We Work to Change the World

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