Trump, World Leaders Congratulate Netanyahu; Bibi ‘Won Trust’ of Israeli Public; ‘Jews Have to Die’ in Argentina; Lithuania Bans Holocaust Denier – United with Israel

Brave Arab Journalist: ‘Netanyahu is Right About Iran’; CLICK for Latest from Israel!
United with Israel Cypriot-Greek-Israeli Friendship Bears Fruit Wounded IDF Soldier’s Anthem Amazes! Netanyahu ‘Won Trust’ of Israeli Public; Palestinians Abuse Students Who Protest 
Trump, World Leaders Congratulate Netanyahu on Victory
WATCH: Netanyahu ‘Won Trust’ of Israeli Public, Says Barkat
‘Jews Have to Die!’ Vicious Anti-Semitic Assault in Argentina
Lithuania Bans Infamous Holocaust Denier from Entry 
Cypriot-Greek-Israeli Friendship Bearing Fruit with US Support! 
WATCH: Brave Arab Journalist Sides with Netanyahu on Fighting Iran 
Butterflies Paint a Beautiful Picture in Israel 
South Africa’s Plans to Downgrade Israel Embassy ‘Well Underway’ 
WATCH: Wounded Ex-IDF Soldier’s ‘HaTikvah’ Anthem Will Blow You Away! 
American Jews Honor Pastor Hagee, Ardent Supporter of Israel 
Ahed Tamimi’s Younger Brother Arrested, Likely for Throwing Stones at IDF 

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