Brazilian President: ‘I Love Israel’; First Temple Seal Discovered in Jerusalem! Hamas Threatens to Bomb Tel Aviv; Latest from Israel! – United with Israel

United with Israel ‘Our People Want Us to Bomb Tel Aviv!’ Says Hamas Leader; Team Israel Wins 22 Medals! Real Israeli Superheroes Help When Disaster Strikes; Israel Sends Big Gift to Montenegro 
Brazilian President ‘Loves Israel’, Announces New Trade Mission in Jerusalem
‘Our People Want Us to Bomb Tel Aviv!’ Says Hamas Leader
WATCH: First Temple Seal Discovered in Jerusalem with Biblical Name
German Ambassador Compares Israel to Hamas: ‘Pure Malice’ 
WATCH: Team Israel Wins 22 Medals at the 2019 Special Olympics! 
Montenegro President Returns from Israel with Big Gift for Disabled Children 
WATCH: Real Israeli Superheroes Help Whenever Disaster Strikes! 
Overwhelming Majority of Israelis Support Trump’s Recognition of Golan Heights  

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Israel: +972-2-533-7841

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