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New Immigrants Settle in Gaza Periphery While Rockets Fall

Thanks to a joint Jewish-Christian effort, 250 new Olim from Ukraine landed in Israel on Monday

“Extravagant” Hasmonean Period Site Discovered

A newly discovered archaeological site outside of Jerusalem reveals an elegant lifestyle in the time of the Hasmoneans

WATCH – Prophecy News Talk:
The Golan Thanks President Trump

BIN writer and resident of the Golan Heights sends out a personal thanks to President Donald Trump

ICYMI: Netanyahu Compares Trump to Cyrus for Recognizing Golan

The timing of his act, coming while Hamas fired rockets at Israeli houses, could not possibly be more poignant

Why does America Support Israel?

By Jonathan Feldstein
History of American support for Israel makes Zionism as American as baseball and apple pie
By Professor Mel Alexenberg
By Daniel Greenfield
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