Israel Strikes Iranian Forces in Syria; UN Blasts US Over Pro-Israel Golan Declaration; Netanyahu Warns of ‘Broad Gaza Campaign’ – World Israel News

World Israel News
Israel Attacks Iranian Forces in Syria, 7 Killed

UN Blasts US Over Declaring Golan Heights Part of Israel

German Rock Group Slammed for Concentration Camp Video

DAILY RECAP: Israel Air Force in Action; Omar Aide Gets Into Anti-Semitism Act 

Netanyahu Visits Gaza Border: ‘I’ve Instructed IDF to Prepare for Broad Campaign’Read Now

US Hints at Peace Deal with Israeli Security Control in Judea and SamariaRead Now

Nancy Pelosi: My Father was a ‘Shabbos Goy’Watch Now

Omar Senior Aide Slammed for Saying Anti-Semitism Only ‘Right Wing Force’Read Now

Baby Boy Named After Rabbi Who Died Saving His Grandmother from TerroristRead Now

Hebrew University Professors Object to Having IDF Soldiers in ClassRead Now

Netanyahu Rival Gantz Under Fire for Possible Improper Business DealingsRead Now

WATCH: AIPAC in DC – ‘Anti-Semitism is Anti-American’Watch Now

Entebbe Pilot Who Refused to Leave Plane Dies at 95Read Now

Orthodox Party Drops Out, Potentially Helping Right WingRead Now

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