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Friday, March 15, 2019
Jim Bakker Shares New Details of Time in Prison: ‘Great Hands Picked Me Up in My Cell’

I interviewed Jim Bakker about his time in prison and eventual restoration.
Last week, I wrote about part 1 of my in-depth interview with Jim Bakker, where he shared fascinating stories about his early work in revival preaching and Christian television. Today I want to share with you part 2, in which Bakker shares new details about his downfall and time in prison as well as his eventual restoration. (Click here or scroll to the end of this article to listen to part 2 of our interview in its entirety.)

Bakker told me he never does these kinds of interviews because the leftist media repeatedly misrepresents him. But since we’ve been friends for so long, Bakker knew he could trust me with his personal stories. He tells me that his days in prison were some of the hardest moments of his life, and he remembers one wintry night in particular when his depression overwhelmed him.

“I thought I couldn’t go on,” Bakker says. “And all of the sudden, it was like hands—great hands—had picked me up, and I was floating in my bunk bed in that prison cell. And I said, ‘God, what’s happening?’ … He said, ‘This is the prayers of the people.’ And I know I would have never made it through prison without the prayers of the people.”

Many of you may remember the scandal surrounding Bakker’s arrest in 1988 for wire fraud. Later, news came out about an affair Bakker had with a church secretary. As a result, he lost Praise the Lord (PTL) Ministries and his resort, Heritage USA.

I remember when PTL and Heritage USA closed. I was heartbroken because not only had I benefited from those ministries, but I knew many others who had been as well.

“I never dealt with that—the pain of losing [those ministries] and what happened to me and what happened to it,” Bakker told me during our interview. “I still don’t know why [all that happened.] I do know it all worked together for good because I studied in the prison. I studied Revelation one word … read more 

In Depth with Jim Bakker Part 2: The Downfall to Restoration

In Depth With Jim Bakker Part 2: The Downfall to Restoration

35 Minutes – March 15th 2019

In part 2 of this exclusive interview, Jim Bakker shares new details about his downfall and time in prison as well as eventual restoration. He says great hands picked him up in his cell. Listen to hear more about this time in his life and what the future holds for Bakker.

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