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Every living creature that swarms will be able to live wherever this stream goes; the fish will be very abundant once these waters have reached there. It will be wholesome, and everything will live wherever this stream goes.
Ezekiel 47:9 (The Israel Bible™)

וְהָיָה כָל־נֶפֶשׁ חַיָּה אֲ‍שֶׁר־יִשְׁרֹץ אֶל כָּל־אֲשֶׁר יָבוֹא שָׁם נַחֲלַיִם יִחְיֶה וְהָיָה הַדָּגָה רַבָּה מְאֹד כִּי בָאוּ שָׁמָּה הַמַּיִם הָאֵלֶּה וְיֵרָפְאוּ וָחָי כֹּל אֲשֶׁר־יָבוֹא שָׁמָּה הַנָּחַל
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Why is it called the “Dead Sea?”

Why is it called the Dead Sea in English? In Hebrew, it’s not called the Dead Sea, but the Salt Sea because of the extreme salinity of the water which makes life there unsustainable. However, the Bible says that this was not always the case – and Ezekiel says that in the future, there will again be life in the area. In the land of Israel, this prophecy is already coming to fruition, with fish found living in Dead Sea sink holes! Click here to learn more and watch the rest of Rabbi Tuly’s answer.

Can You Find Ein Gedi (Western Dead Sea) on The Israel Bible’s Interactive Map? 

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