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Enjoy the Process!

Some people think I was just anointed or imparted to by someone and that I just let their gifting rub off on me and now it’s all good and easy.  That’s not at all the case.  I’ve received some great impartation, but for it to become practical in my life I’ve had to personally develop and partner with that impartation.

Just as a master pianist gets a few notes wrong from time to time, we’re going to have experiences that even after much faith, risk, practice, and heart, just don’t connect.  The good news is that practice makes it so much better.  When we practice, we grow in identity, confidence, security, and hope.  Practice isn’t about getting a lot more opportunities to share spiritually.  It’s about learning about our spirituality and connection to God and how to make that palatable to the world around you.

Words of Knowledge are going to take tons of practice.  Sometimes it seems as if people think I just sovereignly hear God and bypass my 22+ years of practice, thinking they can just jump into the gift.  Somehow, they think, it will just “work.”  In no way am I saying it will take you 22 years, but you will have to commit to faith and a relationship-building process to grow in and sustain the gift.

Think of it this way.  Can you imagine being someone’s parent and buying your daughter a piano and then getting mad at her for not being able to play it the first time she sat down to it?  No parent would do that to their child.  God is so much kinder than any parent!  He allows you to go through a developmental process and even enjoys you as you walk through that process with Him.

Excerpt from: God Secret’s

In this episode, Shawn Bolz interviews Pastor Ché Ahn.  Join the conversation as Shawn and Ché discuss the moment he knew he was an apostle and how his apostolic calling started, his mandate from God to birth 10,000 churches, and how he is actively advancing the Kingdom of God through His love and His power across the nations.
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Watch this prophetic moment with Shawn Bolz.
What a beautiful word of knowledge for this special woman.  A God given passion for a family, a turning of the tide for the next generation to become warriors of purpose.  So beauitful!
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